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Chasing the Sunset
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Someguy says:

So, Historian + Bard shipping makes it Bardorian? Or Hisrd?

IrishDrinker says:

Woo, crush on the Historian!

Woulv says:

lol^^ rather obvious after the "i'm seeking a cuple of elven children"

Chessrook44 says:

Wait, the Bard's female?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yes, Rhyme's female, Ja'el's male. I can't blame you though, it can be a little hard to tell with the elves being rather androgynous.

Pulsy says:

Ooooooooooh Rhyme likes Leaf! I hope he likes her too ... i know i do /blush !

Night Dancer says:

I believe, Pulsy, that Rhyme thinks Ja'el.

Vulpis says:

Wait....the historian's name is Ja'el. Why am I expecting a 'Ja'el-bait' gag to show up at some point?

Dark Dragon says:

I'm not sure I like Rhyme's expression in panel 6, it seems evil and out of character.

Someguy says:

YOU'RE evil and out of character!
Oh yeah. Best come back ever.

Chariset says:

Is there a spell on Rhyme or is it just an idiosyncracy? OCD?

(Do elves even get OCD?)

Nebra Reppalk says:

It's possible, they live long enough so I guess they could develop it.

Chariset says:

I admit, I think it's funny that Rhyme could get "stuck" until she succeeds in rhyming her last line. I hope no one ever interrupts her just after she's said "silver".

Jen says:

I've heard that there's an old word 'chilver' that means sheep...
Yah, Ja'el is cute! :D

LXT says:

Nah, "orange" is the word I'd like to see her find a rhyme to :P

demodude says:

door hinge

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Is it me. or is our Bard BLUSHING just a bit in that last panel? :P

hkmaly says:

I would actually suppose she's making fun of soahc. That she musn't really speak in rhymes, only she's so good in rhyming she can.

Dark Dragon says:

Expanding on Chariset's question, if elves can get OCD, is it possible for elves to be schizophrenic? (or is that just a sign of a pixie infestation...?)

patchwork says:

nice art improvement, it keeps getting better and better

CoolHandNuke says:

The art has improved tons since the early strips, but I really wish they'd draw Rhyme's lute a little better. Every time I see it I think she's got a log tied to her back.

fluffy the just says:


Jude Takerath says:

I do hope we see the historian and the bard again, think they would make a cute couple.

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