Spirited Away
Chasing the Sunset
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MadMann135 says:

first WOOT!
Looks like being a dragon can be the least dangerous of all things... if your in the right group.

Sitara says:

If the fey that created the Amazons and this Lord are one and the same, when did he turn blue and change shape?

KBKarma says:

Notice the Spirits of Rebellion are all blue and stuff as well.

InBetween says:

agree whit myhrad, that is downright scary....

Lae says:

Colour change I understand, but why has his shape changed so much?

Mithandir says:

Fey aren't inherently corporeal and the body they manifest in can technically change from one second to the next. Most fey settle over time to a preferred manifestation, if only to avoid having to explain who they are all the time though there are some who will look different depending on who they are addressing.
In this case, the invasion by the spirits has changed the fey to such extend that his manifestation did too.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hmm. So, are the powers of spirits increased by the mind's close alignment to their objectives? I guess that makes sense if an ancient greater fey got possessed by...younger fey?

Mithandir says:

No, the spirits aren't fey they're roughly embodiment of emotions so strong they become alive. thus you have the Furies, the Muzes and these spirits (which tbh I'm still researching a name for). I'm working on a big flowchart poster thingymado showing the relationships of all species and groups in the CtS universe.

Jeremiah says:

I wouldn't say that Ayne is dangerous because of this Lord. He likes rebellion, but not necessarily bloody. She's dangerous on her own.

-Norbert- says:

Besides she didn't get "infused" with spirits like Leaf, but only slightly changed.

Woulv says:

humm... cool^^ their party is becoming even more feersome (hard with a pixy companion)^^

Chariset says:

Poor Myhrad. The strange thing is, I didn't know he wanted to be fearsome. He's pretty cuddly. Well, you know, for a dragon..

TheNextTaggerung says:

lol first panel

TheNextTaggerung says:

also lol panel 6

eekee says:

Oh AWESOME punchline :D

Jynx says:

I can understand Myread wanting to be fearsome--after all, he is a dragon, and all the other dragons will laugh if he's too much of a pansy... =P And I dunno, who would win in a fight: a fury or an ancient great golden dragon? Hmmm...

Jynx says:

Wait, wasn't there something like when Myread comes of age he's going to go...wild and all elf-killy?

Chariset says:

Jynx: Dragons go insane after a while, because they're immortal and can't take the psychological strain of seeing everything around them change and die. But Myhrad is centuries away from adulthood, let alone insanity.

Anon says:

Lol. The Lord is walking down the road, enjoying the sunshine, lifting his foot like a broadway show. All he's missing is the top hat. And theres a blue glowing ghost freaking radiating from behind the corner.

Lokitf says:

So does that mean that the nature of the Amazons is Rebellious?

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