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Remmon says:

Pfft, elves without good wisdom and a good spot check are rare and often hard to find (because a lot of them get eaten while they're still young)

Baldric says:

Ayne's comment in panel 5 is hilarious !

Chessrook44 says:

Why is the guy ALWAYS right behind you?

Pulsy says:

jumping to conclusions, are we?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Chessrook: It's a law of narrative causality. It's funnier if the guy is standing right behind you the entire time, so when you live in a work of fiction the universe conspires to allow that situation to happen.

hkmaly says:

Actually they missed one possibility, pretty common with mages: that he know where magister is, but he is unable to go there. Like, not able to fly, withstand the heat or cold, breathe in vacuum or under water ... or walk through a solid rock, that's also common.

Woulv says:

LOL,random: i wonder i aynes arrows are like legolas's "never ending"

hkmaly says:

(Point of course is that he will be able to go there with magister Malvenicus (KRA-KA-TOWW!) but not alone)

Eva says:

Let me guess. Feiht is the magister?

Icala says:

*cough* Told you he didn't look like the lying type. ;) *cough*

Osk says:

dramatic kid... saying "he's behind you" probably lacks style

Osk says:

nebra, did you ever read terry pratchett books? it sounds like a quote from one of his books. If not, you'll like his books

Osk says:

like the details on the arrows btw... why cant i edit my own posts?

-Norbert- says:

"*cough* Told you he didn't look like the lying type. ;) *cough* "
Lol. Ok, you were right :)
But typically Leaf.
He could have simply asked "Why not?" in panel two. ^^

Dark Dragon says:

-Norbert-: But where's the fun in that? If Malvenicus is there, though, why can't we see him in panel 3?

Night Dancer says:

We didn't see him because he was probably walking up to them in panel three.

Chariset says:

He's probably invisible. Or tiny. Or non-human...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Osk: Actually that's where I'm steal- I mean "borrowing" the theory of narrative causality from. Everything on the Disc obeys narrative causality. If there's an accident, the wagon WILL explode, and one wheel WILL roll away from the accident, possibly on fire.

Osk says:

indeed, even if the object involved in the crash did, in fact, not include any wheels

invisibly immortal says:

I love it when this type of thing happens.

Skreyola says:

You can't see him in panel 3 because, while he is close enough for the child to see him, he is not yet in the area shown by that panel.
By the way: I can't believe nobody has pointed out how funny it is that Ayne sees fear a lot. :) hehehe. I'm sure she sees/causes quite a lot. hehe.

TheNextTaggerung says:

agrees, Skreyola

Neko says:

Lol, I'm thinking it might be Feiht...
And even if it's not, he should talk in his scary furies voice!!! I like it better that way.

SkyBlue says:

Oh come on, nobody's figured it out yet?

Malvenicus is obviously *bzzzt* *crssssh* TRANSMISSION LOST

SkyBlue says:

And for those who said you can't see Malvenicus in panel 3... look again. He's right by the *bzzzt* *crsssh* TRANSMISSION LOST


So, theoretically, Malvenicus *Kra-ka-Tow* is about where the 100% green energy sign is?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Or Malvenicus (*kra-ka-toww*)just cast invisibility and just became visible again. But that's not likely.

You know what is likely? The camera crew is playing mind games with us. They're saying to themselves, "How long can we keep them in suspense? Let's see how long we can keep the Magister off camera JUST to drive them insane." Yeah, camera crews or like that.


The Last Melon says:

The kid has a Charlie Chaplin-like moustache in the second panel.

And Terry Pratchett rocks.

Aaaaand...I can see Malveni *bzzzt* *crsssh* TRANSMISSION LOST

Chariset says:

Now that I think about it, he can't be invisible, because Leaf apparently sees him in the last two panels.

Oh, and MALVENICUS! *kra-kra-TOWWWW!*

Skreyola says:

That's his mouth. It's just the angle that makes it look like a 'stache.

Hunter in the woods says:

Wow. Millions have said this, but theyre getting really good with drawing! Ayne looks really good in the last panel!

Fionn says:

You can see it in the last panel...Malvenicus is a twig.

Lokitf says:

Even if they've got good spot and wisdom, they could have still rolled a 1 or just Malvenicus *Kra-ka-TOW* is using some kind of magic to conceal himself

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