The Ridder Ayne
Chasing the Sunset
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Sitara says:

Haha, turning into a knight they once met. I wonder what Ayne would have done had they never met that knight.

eekee says:

RoFl I'd hate to be Malvenicus, but I think I'd be relieved too - don't have to kill anyone today :D

-Norbert- says:

She should have added "... need breakfast soon and were robbed clean by a Pixie we finally managed to get rid of." ^^

-Norbert- says:

I should write comments only once I look at the high res image...
I like how the chicken is trying the get the worm from the childs fishing rod :)

Baldric says:

"I try not to be", ha ha ! I remember when Leaf said the exact same about being possessed by the Furies.

Ayne looks very expressive on this page. I especially like her pose, face and question in panel 5.

Sabreur says:

Question. Is that better or worse then realizing you are turning into your parents?

Nebra Reppalk says:

If your parents are basically good people, I don't see why that's a bad thing. Turning into Ridder Mark... did we file him under "Lawful Stupid"? I think he meets the criteria.

Someguy says:

Being a mage, he'll probably be the only one who doesn't ask "Why are you blue? And with a dragon?"
More likely he'll be "A blue elf and a dragon? Cool! I want one!"

Pulsy says:

Lol! Love how Myhrad is doing a bad job hiding in panel 3 :D I wonder how Leaf managed to stay out of every panel though...

Fauwne says:

Actually Leaf didnt manage to stay out of all of them, least not all of him, that's his lower part in panel 3 over talking to Myhrad ;)

Winterbay says:

I think the best part is posibly the alt-image text...
Possibly one of the funniest things I've seen today and I have been practicing for the company christamas party :)

Icala says:

Leaf: Um... Myhrad? You can come out now. Myhrad? Seriously, he's a good guy. Myhrad?
Myhrad: >_< I can't HEAR youuu, la, la, la, la, la, evil Magisters, pixies from space, I'm running from terror all over the place....

Dark Dragon says:

Out of curiosity, are all those leaves hand drawn, or are they copy/paste? (If that's insulting of me to ask, my apoligies.)

Why do I have a feeling that Tom and his chicken will become surrogate pixies until feiht shows up again?

Mithandir says:

Not insulting at all. They are a pretty easy photoshop trick. If people are interested I can explain the technique.

Alien says:

It might look better if I draw them all, though then comic would be weekly or less, methinks. Though people do seem to prefer quality over quantity....

Mad_Sheep says:

Yes of course but we love a updating comic as well ;) Don't worry the hands are good in my opinion and your quality is just amassing Special the lovely things happening in the background like myhard hiding.

Elystriana says:

I just noticed, the magister has two blue eyes in the first panel, but a green eye and a gold eye in the fifth panel. I wonder what that means?

Nebra Reppalk says:

He's the man with kaleidoscope eyes? ummm... Magister in the sky with diamonds?

Lylia says:

Or just a mistake?

Odo says:

Great, a mage whose name causes lightning and he mostly reminds me of a put-upon clerk. Love it!

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Heh! I bet Leaf and the gang would do well as part of a circus.
Love the magister Whatsisname, since we can't say it any more.
The light and shadows in this strip are AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. There is SUNLIGHT and SHADOW. Mith 'n' Alien, you have no idea how much I WANT TO BE YOU at the moment. I have no talent for art.

Aerin says:

hehe...Myhrad's hiding behind a tree.

hkmaly says:

Kuyselle Goldword: I don't think they would do well as part of a circus. I mean, they wouldn't be so funny when they would be actually trying to be.

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