Why Bother Planning?
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

Oh, the look on his face in that last panel- Priceless! "I'm SURE I could come up with something..." Beautiful!

hkmaly says:

Yes, here is the fire balancing all the snow outside !

Chariset says:

Aaaaaah, a little Johnny Cash to end the day is quite nice

Torjin says:

what happened to make Leaf so cynical? three people (well...) lost in a magic castle - what could happen?...

InBetween says:

ahhh, love the alt text

poor leaf, not having to invent creasy stuff...he looks so disilusionalised...(sorry for the bad spelling)

Pulsy says:

i would SO take the path over the fiery depths... There's probably something good at the other side!

Chariset says:

I really hope those fiery letters mean something like "Watch Your Step" or "Caution: Hot"

Faticia says:

*GASP* Is Leaf growing up?!!

Wierdo says:

I am very confused. I keep hearing talk of the "alt text" and how funny it is. What is it? How do I find it?

Great comic, as always.

Lee says:

"Alt text" is a piece of text describing an image that should pop up in your browser when you hold your cursor over the image. Webcomics often use them to add funny comments about each day's strip, and CtS is no exception.

Skreyola says:

The last panel is magnificent. Great expression! :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oh, no. Ayne did it. She jinxed it. She said "no death-defying leaps? no rickety constructions of rope and peashooters?". And now, according to the Universal Laws of Irony, we're all doomed. *runs and hides*

hkmaly says:

Pulsy: Unless THIS is the other side.

EdorFaus says:

Actually, alt-text is "alternative" text, text that is supposed to be used if the image cannot be shown (for any number of reasons, e.g. 404 or blindness).
Also, IE is the browser that displays alt-text in a tooltip - e.g. Firefox doesn't do that with the alt-text.
On this site, the comic's alt-text is simply the page title.
However, the title-text is shown as a popup in all the major browsers (afaik; it's meant for that at least), and is what is used here to give a further bit of commentary (like the burn, burn, burn one for this page).
Sorry, just bugs me a bit when people say untrue things like that, esp. in my field (webdev), as it tends to make less experienced people do the wrong thing...

EdorFaus says:

bah. That "Sorry" was supposed to be prefixed with </rant> ... I didn't expect to have to escape the <>s.

EdorFaus says:

... and it apparently doesn't work to escape them either... not with the entities at least... hrm. \ backslashes maybe?

Someguy says:

\ phail.

TheNextTaggerung says:

does anyone else notice the reference to the TFotR Balrog scene that lies in Panel 2?
(Hint: narrow bridge, fiery death)

Fionn says:

Leaf: "What would MacGyver do?"

Elvende says:

I most certainly did notice the FotR reference :P

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