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Chasing the Sunset
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kl says:

Darn, I can only find 14

Katkinkate says:

I found 10 differences. How many are there?

EdorFaus says:

Yay, I found all 15. :)
Took a while of staring, though...

Odo says:

nice -- and some of the differences are so large as to be almost invisible.

hkmaly says:

6 without zoom, 14 with zoom (of course after you know where to search you see them even without zoom :-))

Issy says:

You're insane if you tihnk I'm going to scrutenize (sp) all of those briks to find an inconsistency! Mad, mad I tell you!

protector says:

Yay, I found all 15. Took me some minutes ^^ that was fun.

Oblomov says:

Aha, spotted all 15 without zooming 8-). One of them is very hard to spot because it's not the 'classic' kind of difference.

Rokaan says:

found all 15 within 2 minutes. Not that hard at all really.

BobbyBG33k says:

Haha! I got all 15. Had to sit back to spot the last one. Nicely done. There are 15 total for those who don't know.

InBetween says:

what are you sorry, for, this is fun....

or will be, wen i can find those last few....untill then....grrrrrr

Eva says:

Fourteen! Some of those were hard!


15, if that color-change counts

kl says:

Ah. I actually found 16, but one of them was likely unintentional.

Mithandir says:

Not sure what colour change you mean, so probably not. Also not sure what is or isn't a classic difference but meta-differences don't count. So yeah the left one is a bit bigger but that's no difference and neither is the fact that one is on the left.

Osk says:

i'm stuck at 12, unless each stripe on myrhad counts ;) ah, up to 14 now, i think

wierdo says:

I got twelve.

(invisibly) immortal says:

I found 14 really easily... still looking for the last one!

Neko says:

Ack, I can't find more than 10!!! DARN THIS IS HARD!!!
Still looking for the last 5...

Neko says:

13!!! 2 more...argh...

Wildfire says:

I count 15 (+1 for the color change ;) Since it's not counted as a difference I hope it's OK to tell: Behind the left statue the floor is brownish on the left and gray on the right.

Edwards says:

Got all fifteen, without needing to zoom in, or overlay the images and flip between them. I will admit that some of them were a bit tricky to spot, though. Nice job!

Mithandir says:

Oh .. right. I forgot to turn a shadow layer on again there. So that makes 16 differences, of which one unintentional.

Pulsy says:

So "one is on the left" isn't a difference? ... Argh, back to square one.

Jen says:

I found them!!!!! Whoa, the last one was really really hard.

Rox says:

got em. ;) took a few for the last one. ;)

Icala says:

Fifteen without zooming, found them in... oh... five minutes or less. ;) Didn't find the 16th until it was pointed out, though.

Skreyola says:

I only found 14, plus an orange dot, but I doubt that's the last difference. Next update should show where they all were so we can kick ourselves for not seeing that one we missed. :)

Mithandir says:

Hoping this new < spoiler > tag works for everybody ...

Spoiler, click to view
1)Left frame has no scroll hanging from the lamp
2) Left frame has a mouse hole with eyes in the wall
3) Left frame's myhrad has too few stripes
4) Left frame left minotaur is missing his tail
5) Left frame minotaur's lantern has a different pattern
6) Left frame Leaf is mirrorred
7) Left frame minotaur is winking
8) Feiht is in the left frame
9) Left frame minotaur has no teeth
10) Right frame stairs have writing on them
11) Right frame minotaur has a spiderweb behind his ear
12) Right frame minotaur is missing a finger
13) Right frame minotaur is missing part of its horn
14) Right frame arch has more segments
15) Right frame wall has brick diagonals on closest wall in the opposite direction

D2 says:

Yeah. All 15. SOme of them were truly hard :)

Pulsy says:

spoiler tag not working (firefox latest version), i can just see all the text... clicking the thing didn't collapse it either, but it did make the title disappear.

Mithandir says:

pulsy: try refreshing, you probably have the stylesheet cached

rwstyles says:

filler -
Spoiler, click here to view
Nice catch on leaf being mirrored - I had that listed as 3 differences, hence I missed some, eg the extra stone in the arch, and the wink.
But the list misses four differences.
1. There is writing on stairs on right.
2. There is an insect on staff on left.
3. The idol has mouth open on right.
4. There is a spider web on right.

Sorry about no spoiler, but it has been several days now.

[Edited by moderator]

Mithandir says:

rwstyles: actually the first and the fourth in your list are in my list as well (as 10 and 11 respectively). Your third is mistaking my 9th and your second is unintentional.
I put your text in a < spoiler > tag since it's only been one day, hope you don't mind.

-Norbert- says:

Ah, just missed 12 and 14...
And the spoiler workt for me and I'm using Firefox too.

Mime says:

i got a lot more than 15 but i guess if you don't count all of the missing one as separate differences then i guess it works

rwstyles says:

thanks - that leaves only the 2cd one. I misunderstood #3. I see it now. I got sloppy when comparing my list to your's.
And I don't know how to do the spoiler bit. I worded this one so as to not need it.

Mithandir says:

Yeah it's new, so I haven't put down instructions yet. Simply put the spoiling bits between < spoiler > and < /spoiler > (remove the spaces)

Stickmaker says:

The minotaur statue on the right is female in the left panel and male in the right. :-^)

Neko says:

...I don't see the spoiler....I clicked it, but I can't find it...

InBetween says:

This was fun, hope you do it again sometime^^

Alric says:

Currently on 14 (15 with the color difference)

Alric says:

Might have found another unintentional difference unless it's the missing 15th difference. Cracks on the floor, might be due to change in body position covering / uncovering them though

Alric says:

Heh, it must be due to body positioning as I just spotted the 15th difference - all 15 for me :)

Skreyola says:

Ah. How silly of me. I missed #12.

EdorFaus says:

rwstyles: in #2, assuming you mean the minotaur's staff, that's actually not an insect, it's Feiht...
Easier to see with the magnifier though, she does look a little bit like an insect in the smaller version.

Stickmaker: really? How do you see that? I'm curious now...
(Or is it just wishful thinking? ;) ) (PS: love your Fox Kid (incl. J&J+F&W), Masks, etc stories)

EdorFaus says:

Hm, now that I think about it, that first part to rwstyles should have been in a spoiler tag, shouldn't it? At least from "assuming" and out...
Too bad I can't edit it myself... Oh well, I guess Mith or Alien will probly fix it when they see it, if they consider it necessary...

EdorFaus says:

By the way Stickmaker, I guess this isn't really the right place for it, but I've been rereading and I'm curious - J&J2 and F&W1 mentions where Exposure happened, and being a Norwegian myself, I'm wondering what happened to the place... How big an area was affected by the raw chaos, whether or not there's anything left, and so on.
Of course, for all I know you might not even know the details yourself, or don't want to disclose them or something, but if you do, would you mind telling me?
(PS: F&W1 has it typoed as Noweigan)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Excellent puzzle. Real comic pretty please with a pixie on top???

hkmaly says:

So I missed 12, counted 7 and 9 as one difference and counted the shadow thing ...

Pulsy says:

forcing refresh solved it - spoiler tag working now. :D

Alric says:

Heh, checking spoilers and I spotted all 15 with 2 unintentional differences :P

Aidan says:

Ah, I got everything but #7. I thought that was true in both panels, until I zoomed in on it.

Stickmaker says:

Edorfaus: I was just joking about the minotaur, or did you realize that? :-)

In re. Exposure, I never actually decided where. The area affected would be small - not much larger than in that one Fox Kid story _A Corruption of Vampires_, where How and Tina find the ljosalfar.

Lylia says:

Very amusing! I found all 15 but it took a while...

Mineyo says:

16 there are indeed.

l says:

If there is a pixie in the first picture, but not in the second, what does it mean? Should I secure all my shineys? (in other words, exactly where has the pixie dissappeared to...)

-Norbert- says:

I guess the Pixie took of with all the parts missing in the right panel, like the finger or the teeth :)

Jewelcast says:

It took a hole with it? Wow.
I need to rethink my awesomeness scale :D

Uncle the Pixie says:

Tricky, but I think I found all of them!

Happy New Year!

Eikan says:

I got 14 without zoom, then loaded the zoom to find the 15th only to discover that it was big enough, so the zoom wasn't needed. ^.^;;

InBetween says:

only a pixy could steal lack of something....

Marc says:

missing difference (for 16): left side shading of floor around brick wall is darker.

EdorFaus says:

Stickmaker: I figured, yes. :)
And, ah, ok - not as catastrophic an event as I feared then. Still rather bad though, especially for secrecy. :P :)

Alex says:

Twelve, so far... the one i just got tripped me out a bit :P

Alex says:

14 without cheatinng by clicking the spoiler. Missed a really easy one though

Ellaras says:

YAY i found all 15 but it took foreeevver!!

Ellaras says:

didnt cheat either ;p

Quin says:

I got all 15.

S. B. says:

Do not stress your brain,
Crossed eyes make them plain.

Flaming@#$%er says:

The 15 differences are:
1)Leftside statue's tail
2)Archway lines
3)Dragon's stripes
4)Stonestep runes
5)Direction Leaf is facing
6)Scroll beneath archway's lantern
7)Hole/gutter at the side of wall
8)Lumination of the walkway
9)Third finger of rightside statue
11)Rightside horntip
12)Squinting right eye
13)Leftside teeth
14)Cobweb beneath left ear
15)Lantern's grid pattern

Phenoca says:

This is great. 12... 13 - ohhhhhhhh, 14. 15. Wow.

Phenoca says:

Oops. I spent the longest looking at the walls, but didn't spot #15. I was so looking at the color-change and the lack of shadow. Didn't see the size-change either.

d says:

i found all 15

aj26 says:

found all 15 and the bonus! Can't tell which is intentional.

aj26 says:

#7 doesn't count

ract says:

i got them all

Kia says:

Oh, the right frame is also missing the shadows in the halls of the maze and under Ayne and Leaf! I thought that was the 'unconventional' one that someone else talked about. I liked it! LOL

nayru9572 says:

Fifteen found!

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