My Magedom for a Plan!
Chasing the Sunset
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Bunnyboy says:

Leaf has a focus. Aune can't distract him to stop helping her.

Winterbay says:

Heh, funny. I really love the way the phantasm just stands there with his arms crossed waiting :)

distantvoices says:

blast it. usually one tries to stay ABOVE the bridge and avoids such ... fricking positions. Well, but Leaf is going to devise a plan for this too, eh? Beware!

Pulsy says:

Way to go Leaf :D Save the damsel who isn't really in distress!

eekee says:

Probably what I'd do. :D

ivellios says:

I would probably have tried swinging her by pulling the rope giving slack pulling rope etc and then fire balled it

Nebra Reppalk says:

Actually they're in a pretty good position now. They're both hanging from the bridge and I would assume elves are good at climbing (what with the trees and all) so it's just a matter of scrambling back onto the bridge.

Yaten says:

Except if one scrambles faster than the other they'll overbalance and drop off one side.

I suppose Ayne could climb up (since she's the only one actually tied up) and hope that Leaf can keep up with the slacking rope on his end.

Lee says:

At least their lives are in balance now.

Abeo says:

Very clever. He compensates for her greater mass by using the underside of the bridge as leverage.

If she climbs up, he wont pull her off because she is heavier, and strong enough to support his weight.

Then he just has to climb up himself.

Wanderer says:

"This must be part of my trial" he says. Leaf, do you just ignore everything people tell you when it disagrees with your wild imagination, or are you just ridiculously oblivious?

Wanderer says:

Not like the phantom guy thing didn't already TELL you this is actually a test to see if you can focus and ignore distractions (like a friend hanging over a pit of fire). Meaning that you're NOT supposed to save her. But you were busy not listening, so I guess you didn't catch that part.

Lise says:

Unless he was just supposed to say that to distract Leaf...

HamstersEverywhere says:

I wonder, though. Can the Furies do anything other than blast stuff? They should, at the very least, be able to make him stronger as well. If they can, then he could simple pull, although it would be a bit rough on Ayne.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

"I'll use my magic to free you!"
And all Not-George needs is a bowl of popcorn to make it complete.

Kenoscope says:

Has anyone wondered exactly how hot it is on the underside of that bridge? Can we say frying leather hot? Yes we can. They better hurry.

-Norbert- says:

Not neccessarily. Remember that this is magical fire.
And even in reality it's possible to make cold fire (even though that has a blue flame).

hkmaly says:

Also, we don't really have good view. They could be higher above flames that it seems. We can assume it's supposed to be comfortable on the bridge and they are just below it.


unless, of course, this WAS hiis plan...

Silverwolf says:

Apparently all mages need to be good at bungee jumping.

journeyman says:

"This is what separates us from the pixies..." So... Malvenicus used an elaborate and overly contrived scheme to accomplish something that could have been done simpler, faster, and easier with a little sense? Clearly, Leaf thinks like a mage already. :)

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