The Hard Way ... and the Harder Way.
Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

Who needs golden yarn when you have Ayne?

Sir Gawain says:

Or Theseus

Osk says:

Ayne killed a monster? unless it is unconscious, this might be the first time she actualy killed something, if memory serves me

Alric says:

Might be the statue head from the maze?

Nebra Reppalk says:

And they always said fighter-types weren't useful.

Lee says:

Oops. Ony one p in triple, guys.

Lee says:

...And one l in only.

Vinom, the God-King says:

"Exilent plan Haley, it just has on or two minor flaws, not least of which is where we can find a unicycle and a jelly snadwich in the middle of this dungeon..."

Schubacca says:

Well... so much for my idea of signs of growth from Leaf's ability to plan

EcchiKitty says:

The practical side to rooms of fire has alway eluded me. Spikes on the floor are just as deadly, and require less fuel to keep going.

Tudden says:

Darn...i have caught up... well now i must suffer with the rest of you lot..

hkmaly says:

EcchiKitty: But the rooms of fire looks better. Also, magical fire might not really need any fuel ...

Azrael says:

But rooms of magical fire can be used as heat during the winter!

Vinom, the God-King says:

If it's a room, who's floor is tyed to the elemental plane of fire, then it's free heat... and if you had another room tyed to the plane of ice on the floor, and wind on a wall... you would create a tornato.

Sir Gawain says:

Statues don't have red tongues Alric.

Deja Moo says:

A "tripple knot" might be one of the fancy knots in the back of the book. You know, the ones nobody uses.

hkmaly says:

Even if not elemental plane of fire - molten lava is free heat too and while it doesn't do the flames for free it's deadly even if you forget adding fuel.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sometimes statues have red tongues. Not, you know, all the time, but some do.

And it's magic, it's not bound by my normal rules of technology.

Chariset says:

One of these days, Leaf's crazy idea will work. WORK. And it... will be awesome.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Chariset: It depends on how you define the word "work"...

Sir Gawain says:

Yes, but are the statues' tongues flopping out on the ground?

The Paladin says:

I do believe that that is a real minotaur, because where else would ayne have gotten the keys?

amuletts says:

Some people are planners and some people are doers. I wonder which one's which? Heh, it's funny how something very exciting obviously happened but we didn't see it.

Skreyola says:

I LOVE that his plan includes "and then leap through the dimensional gateway"! I'm not even going to ask where he was going to get it. Ayne saves the day!... and slew a minotaur?

Skreyola says:

Chariset: His last plan got Ayne onto the bridge without any permanent damage. I'd say that "work"ed.

Lyre says:

"Tripple-knot" should be "Triple-knot"

Osk says:

maybe the monotaur is just unconcious

Thoracle says:

Can you get burned by fire that needs no fuel?

Majestyca says:

well when leaf asked about minotaurs the guy said "I am not at liberty to say," not "no". I imagine it's real.

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