I Spy a Huge Eye
Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

So she *was* teleported...

Cue the jaws theme.

Silk says:

do you think she would have willingly let herself be tied up like that?

-Norbert- says:

I think Leaf will just walk by the hoard, making a comment about it at beast, or being so deep in though he doesn't even notice it...

The Paladin says:

Very nice, I like the way you've used the shading on the last panel. All I can say is, I think leaf will make some comment about the gold, the dragon will appear and then leaf will talk it out of eating him. Becauase it's not REALLY an evil dragon

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm sure Leaf will be fine. He's gotten through situations where dragons would actually attempt to eat him so hopefully he can work his way through this one.

InBetween says:

am i the only one that thinks fait is the dragon...

Vinom, the god-king says:

In case of emergency, he can summon Feiht to save him by simply uttering "Are you afraid that fae might find out about all these shinies?"

Sabreur says:

This magical trial doesn't seem to involve all that much magic. Maybe that's the point...

Chariset says:

It's sort of sad that it's come to the point where I'm thinking, "Oh, just a dragon?"

InBetween says:

well, they ARE less destructiv and dangerus than pixies....

Cello-Playing Mathematician says:

Woah! I've been here for 230 strips! Sorry, that was random.

Wow. That's a big eye. I like how Myhrad's sitting in panel 4. He's so cute!

Osk says:

that castle has more space inside than the outside hinted at. a maze, fire pit and a full grown dragon!

hkmaly says:

Find the Maze to not get lost :-)

Gawain: Of course she was teleported. Magister doesn't seem to have anything capable of carrying her :-). (Maybee except the dragon, but he's too big to fit to doors).

hkmaly says:

Osk: The fact the castle was stored inside of snow globe hinted that euclidian volume rules don't apply here already. I wouldn't be surprised if magister have a hangar with zeppelins inside.

MML says:

Aww.. I'm dissapointed, I just got up-to-date on this comic and I only started yesterday evening. Ooh there's an update timer? *Stares at it*

Silverwolf says:

Poke it! POKE IT!!!

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