Missing Myhrad?
Chasing the Sunset
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kaotik4266 says:

*gasp*! He's Flying!
Wow. That was possibly the most obvious staetment I've ever made!

simon_w says:

Good thing there's no pixies around. Fire breathing's next :D

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

So cute. I love his little paws over his eyes.

Sir Gawain says:

I thought he already breathed fire.

Silk says:

uhm, he did, dunno when exactly, but he set something on fire and yeah

Melan says:

*giggles* He breathed fire when he coughed and blew up the swamp gas when they fell into the bog after hang gliding... if i remember right.

Love! Feight. Not just because the very being of pixies is captured so well with her darting back and forth and what she says.. but also with what she does in the background of the scenes. It felt like those subtle actions create much more of a colorful effect to her character.
Thanks for creating such a neat pixie!

Woulv says:

LOL love it all^^ i thought it was about time for him to fly. Love the wet hair effect too^^.

Satan says:

wow this is gay even by my standards....thats pretty sad

-Norbert- says:

I wonder how long he'll take to overcome his fear of heights ^^

distantvoices says:

meeeei s;

sweet, how a dragon flying high above the ground is overwhelmed by fear of heights and clutching his eyes.

Well crafted!

Anakha says:

Very funny indeed.
And @satan: What?!?

Bugz_Toon says:

Heh. I'm wondering if Myrhad is actually being afraid of heights here, or if he just hasn't realized he's not falling yet?

And is Leaf growing up a little? In panel 4, he looks... well, if not especially masculine, at least distinctly male rather than his usual somewhat androgynous self.

Pulsy says:

Amazing comic once again! Look at those drawings under water, the hair and the clothes floating around, looks so realistic! Also i really like the color change between above and below the waterline.

Oh and Myhrad flying is of course awesomecake :D I don't think he realises yet though...

Winterbay says:

The colors in this one is just awesome. Well done.

AN dI vote for the fact that Myhrad has not yet realised he isn't falling and just started flying by reflex.

bluedragon012 says:

sorry about the blank post, any who, thats all it takes to learn how to fly, just a small push, or telaportation, whatev right?

Quats says:

Impressive water! Especially nice how their hair is floating free in the water and slick above. Few go to this effort (or are able to, perhaps?)

Waffles says:

Very nice job on the water!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YAAAYYY!!!!!! Myhrad learned to fly! I hope he doesn't fall from the shock as soon as he opens his eyes...

Ladyfox says:

Is he flying? Or just ignoring gravity REALLY hard?

Halfcat says:

Woot! Myhrad is flying. Way to go Myhrad. Also I found Feiht. She is trying to steal the RSS button just below the lower right corner of the comic. Or are my senses out of sync and she has been there for awhile?

Starbo says:

Wow! Sweet art with the water and hair and the light reflecting in the water. I stared at the first pannel for about five minutes before actually reading anything.

I never thought that staff would float . . . but, eh, it's the staff of a mad mage. Logic need not apply.

Oh, and Myhrad! Totally cute! Now let's see if he stays up there once he looks around.

Midge says:

He can fly!!! Hooray!

Lady Phoenix says:

The staff is wood. Wood floats. ;-)

LOVING the artwork. You have definitely surpassed your previous brilliance. And that's hard to do! Loving the wet hair. mine looks like that when i go swimming. (Or it did before i cut it all off after this baby was born. *sigh*)

WH says:

Staff is wood. Wood floats. => Leaf is a witch!

Tonic says:

He's flying in a fetal position? I thik first time flight is usually more of a flailing affair.

Azrael says:

You know, I really hope you get this published somehow. The only way to possibly make CtS better is by being in trade form. Maybe hardback.

You got a couple volumes' worth now! Don't worry much about extras, I'll buy two copies; one for me, and one for my local library.

Abeo says:

Absolutely amazing artwork in this comic. The colouring especially.

I agree with Anakha, Satan: What?!?

Chariset says:

Yay, Myrhad!!

But I'll bet he can fly only when he's not thinking about it.

Leinad says:

flying is really learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss... Leaf and Ayne have both been very accurate so far.

ailruby says:

In panel four; I thought her arrows were a flower in her hair for a moment.

Skreyola says:

I love how he's clutching his tail for comfort with his hind legs.

Skreyola says:

Ailruby: Oh, so that's what that is. I wondered, but it makes perfect sense. :)

hkmaly says:

Azrael: That's not true. For example, the Chasing the Sunset Movie would be even better !

Tonic: Not only fetal position, the important thing is he is hovering in place ! That is much harder that normal flying (and requires either bigger wings or really fast flapping - for example hummingbird's wings beat at 810 beats per second). I wouldn't think dragons are able to do that.

Leinad: Not in this case. Satelites are good examples of that and even planes can be argumented to fly by this principle (or birds, when gliding). You don't need to flap the wings if you fly by this principle. (Yes, I know it's a reference to hitchhiker's guide, but I heard that thing about satelites really doing that recently.)

hkmaly says:

On the other hand ... the hovering is harder in long run (eh, fly). Probably not so hard for short time. And simpler to do in fetal position :-) - he can't fly forward with tail and most of body pointing down.

I'm assuming he WILL end in water. Either he forgot to flap when realizing he's flying or because being too tired - the lake seems too big to overcame it on first try without any skill ...

Nebra Reppalk says:

It is possible that Myhrad will land on solid ground with full colors after his first time up instead of crashing into the lake.

Probable? No, I guess not. But still possible.

-Norbert- says:

If I have the backstory about Draons right in my head the Dragons use their ability to breath fire to get an effect similar to a hot-air baloon to keep themselfs in the air.
So I guess they need far less strength (and wingbeats) to hover than any other "normal" flyer like himmingbirds or fireflys.

eekee says:

Myhrad!!! \o/

Oh man...

You know what they say, that anyone can fly, landing safely is the hard part...

Aw man XD

hkmaly says:

-Norbert-: Well, you are not original. Mithandir already specified that dragons in The World That Is does use hot air. And there was a documentary from Animal Planet in which dragons used hydrogen. And I don't believe either of them came first with that idea :-).

Hmmm ... important question is how it happened that Myhrad was able to fly just now. Does the reflexes kicked in ? Does his wings just became strong enough ? Or is it because he just acumulated enough hot air (from comic #391) ?

Also, hot air does NOT make hovering easier in comparsion with other methods of flying. Hot air will make flying in general easier. So, the arguments about gliding being easier still holds.

Nebra Reppalk: I didn't said it's impossible either.

hkmaly says:

It is true he didn't seem to lose any height (from comic #559 ) yet.

Golux says:

Love how he has his hands over his eyes, feet firmly gripping his tail and his wings flapping in a hover. Myrad has only to fly forward and he's out of the soup. Wonder if he'll have enough control when he gains realization, or will he freeze and plunge?

Quats says:

My first exposure to dragons flying due in part to gases related to their breathing fire was from "Flight of Dragons", a lovely little TV movie from the early 80's, itself based on a book by the same name from 1979. I looooove that movie. So hope it makes it to DVD someday; I have it on VHS with the sickly sweet horrible kiddie illustration on the cover (ugh).... always meant to make my own to cover up the botched abomination of a case insert.

Osk says:

at least now we know why malv put the castle over the lake. much forward planning

bluemeadows says:

Great comic guys i love the way leafs hair looks in the water lol poor myhrad!!

Lightning says:

I have to say, you guys have really outdone yourselves with this comic. Not only is the art absolutely fantastic, MYRHAD IS FLYING! :D :D :D.

that is all >.>

Faeryl says:

Hey there, I just completed reading this webcomic and i'd just like to add my thanks to the others and say it seems to be superbly drawn and deeply engaging. Many thanks for the hours of entertainment, the pages practically turned themselves, keep up the good work. In love and light. Graham

... says:

"That's not flying, it's falling with style!"

Tudden says:

-Saten's Comment should be Stricken.-

humm..Learn to swim..or learn to fly better...
Fear over fear. Nice.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I think Myrhad's applying to the "if I can't see it, it's not there" school of thought.

-Norbert- says:

"-Norbert-: Well, you are not original."
Hm... As an answer I'd like to point you to the first sentence of my post that reads:
"If I have the backstory about Draons right in my head..."
So, yes I wasn't original, I was stating something from the CtS background and then a conclusion based upon that.

Joanna says:

This was the most recent strip when I started reading this comic. I get it now. :) I'm almost caught up!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

*avoids the obvious Peter pan song* excruciatingly

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

gaa, sorry
*avoids the excruciatingly obvious Peter Pan song*

Phenoca says:

Oh no! She got her bow string wet!! Oh. And the dragon can fly.

hailstorm says:


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