The Birds
Chasing the Sunset
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simon_w says:

Leith's idea! Can't be a good one, as there's no string or paper around.

Chariset says:

Hello? Hello?! Broken dragon over here. Medic! MEDIC!

Someguy says:

Crash Dragon - just as tasty as Crash Duck, and twice as filling.

Misha says:

Does depressed dragon scare anyone else here?

Woulv says:

hmmm, now that myhrad can fly and breath fire..mamy he feels he should start actiong more dragon like...

Winterbay says:

I'm putting my bet on cutsey pixar birds, because Hitchcock's birds were many more and more sinister looking... :)

Also, that does not look like a very comfortable way in which to lie on the ground.

alpaca says:

i feel sorry for the little dragon, he looks so fundamentally alone in the last panel

Nebra Reppalk says:

But what are birds? We just don't know.

Lady Phoenix says:

Poor Myhrad. :-(

Eva says:

"Where's Fei-" Anye must still be scared of having Feiht show up again.

Pulsy says:

what a lonely pile of Myhrad... it kind of looks like the red bird on Leafs head is disco dancing :D

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

Poor Myrhad. But the birds be cute.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Ooh! Poor Myhrad! I think I might've been right about the birds helping Myhrad, but apparently more to make him fly their direction, and not to just help him stay in the air.

eekee says:

Didn't Malvenicus teach that boy to talk to birds?

Firelander says:

I believe they are pixar's mostly because the way they act.

simon_w says:

Yeah, in either #521 or #522 it gets mentioned that he taught the kid to talk to the birds.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Awwww. Poor Myrhad!
I wonder why the birds are only tugging on Leaf's hair. Don't they like Ayne's? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM! Blue rules!

-Norbert- says:

Animals have a sense for danger, that's probably why they avoid touching Ayne :)

firelander says:

Pixie's have a sense for people with butterflynets, so they should also be afraid of her

Forewarned76 says:

And Ayne is getting Bluer

... says:

Disco bird?

Ah, ah, ah , ah, staying aloft, staying aloooft!

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