The Forbidden Arts
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

coool, forbidden magic..... grammar. Where are these people living in this world?

Alric says:

I doth read comic :)

Osk says:

probably somewhere way out back in the outback. Yay for Alien and Mith!

Osk says:

And once again, great alt text and attention to detail (the baby is pulling the cat's tail)

Herrenna die Hennahaarige says:

Hey, great to see you up and doing! I havenīt commented before, but thereīs one thing I have to say: Thanks for the effort you put in this comic, it has a vivid atmosphere and made me laugh lots of times! So donīt hurry too much, take the time your arm needs. I guess you havenīt heard that before, hunh?

InBetween says:

they be poets. The perfect sulotion for writers whitout gramar...

Winterbay says:

Yay the comic is back!
Also, Grammar is indeed a lethal weapon and should only be used by very responsible persons...

Lae says:

Love it. Especially the baby and cat. And the 'grammar' line. Totally worth the wait! :) Don't fret about Alien's arm. I'll be here when you get going again, whenever that may be.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yes, Grammar is a very dangerous art, it had killed many a man.

Also, as a rule slavers only work off the beaten path, so we're probably getting into the sticks out here with the plot.

And Alien's health comes before everything. Don't worry, I'm very patient.

Pulsy says:

Awww look at the despairs on that persons face in the last panel :o Poor villagers... i'd say poor Tom but i'm fairly sure he'll be rescued quite soon :D

LordOfDoors says:

Great to see you back up and running, Mith and Alien! I don't do comments often, but I love CtS (have for years), and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!

eekee says:

Grammar doth be a pain, says Mr. Grammatikidis.

Styck says:

Grammar forbidden? They must be from Texas!

Kalendril says:

This doth be awesome, and I doth totally agree that grammar doth be dangerous... you guys are awesome!

Xaosect says:

I'm glad Alien's arm is feeling better. Even though it may still be weak, improvement is good.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Grammar... Forbidden arts!?!?! BWAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Too priceless!
Glad to see you up and about again, but I second those who say take what time you need for your arm to heal properly! We'll be around and continue to check in. :D

-Norbert- says:

What is the Pixie hiding behind the text bubble with "We... doth not have found him." plan with the explosive barrel?

-Norbert- says:

Whoops.... There's a "doing" missiong out of my prior comment :o

TL Wyvern says:

The invisible pixie is making the comic fall down go BOOM of course.

TL Wyvern says:

Oh, wait. I just looked with the magnifier... :)

Skreyola says:

Aaaaaaaa! It's the Land of Peoples Who Talk Not Good. My ears! My brain!
I was hoping it was just the one woman who would talk like that. *cry*
Anyway... Slavers? That's bad. Let's go rescue him, and find Leaf a bigger dragon! :)

Thadius says:

Technically, they used correct grammar by accident on the second and final doth. If you don't know the right use of the word how can you be sure to use it wrong?

Flightmare says:

Usually I am not given to strong displays of emotion, but I am ecstatic that Chasing the Sunset has returned. I have been checking in every day since the accident, waiting for it to return. Congratulations on your recovery Alien; the artwork is more stunning then ever. Thank you so much and good work both of you. Flightmare out.

CasaDelGato says:

What a bunch of doth-nuts.


I'm wondering... was this actually planned at the time Lady Cynthia appeared with her "creative" grammar, or was this plotline laid out later on to give a reason for that speaking pattern?

Dark Donkey says:

I doth be annoyed by the grammar. Doth.

Azrael says:

Yay! Update!

Lee says:

"You doth feel better"? And so sayeth all of us. Welcome backeth. OK, I'll shutteth up with the Overly Long Gag.

??? says:

I like the explosive fairy in the blank space

Neko says:

Poor Tom.
And "I doth mean Grammar" does hat mean I mean Grammar or I don't mean Grammar?

Chariset says:

Comic doth be back! Alien doth be better? Chariset doth be happy!

Silk Schneider says:

hmm, it doth appear as tho poor young tom doth be in gravest of perils

Silk Schneider says:

also, great to have you back alien, arm injuries are never fun, nearly broke my arm 5 times so far

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Okay, I return with the historian/etymlogist rant of DOOM!
I'm not sure which language it comes from, but "gramere", "grammer", or "gramarye" all mean Magic. I suspect that this influenced the word "grimoire", which, of course, means a book of magic. So, in a way, grammar doth mean magic! Or grammer doth, anyway.
Alien doth be better! Hurray! (Speaking of which, yesterday was "Talk Like Shakespeare Day". So you're right on schedule.

Neko says:

HEY! What happened to the update?

Darius Drake says:

It got delayed due to something happening to the creator. It happens sometimes Neko.

Leinad says:

Wait-a-minute... "Grammar" means "magic"? So I DO have powers! *tries Force Lightning*
... Aw, nuts.

hkmaly says:

Leinad: No. What he's saying is that grammar is The Forbidden Arts.

I would agree: there are more reasons to forbid grammar that magic.

hkmaly says:

Oh. Missed Kuyselle Goldword's comment before.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Eruditio est facultas.

Thadius says:

90% of magic is knowing one additional fact. Because of that, knowing grammar could be considered the same as having a "spell of correct annoyingly" in your back pocket.

InBetween says:

love the pictures of Mith and alien as leaf and ayne. you should have been blue, othervice its perfekt...

no one says:

Watch out for fairy.

Balgin says:

These bleeding peasants still haven't worked out the contextual differences between doth and hath (even 'though it's blatantly obvious) and it's their lingo! The constent misuse of doth when hath would be more accurate has got to be a joke.

... says:

I doth loveth ith.

ultrainventor says:

i like the invisible pixie with the container of explosives. the 4th panel is funny.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

GOD, I wish grammar were forbidden here.

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