Chasing the Sunset
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Darius Drake says:

Does the Dwarven kingdom continue underground under the pass?

Annika says:

Good question...

Annika says:

I love how pissed Myrhad is in the first frame

Chariset says:

They've got a lot of spare 'doth' lying around. Couldn't they sharpen up a few of those and have Myhrad drop them from above?

Chariset says:

Hey! Isn't that one of Hell's Pixies lurking in the whitespace?

Alric says:

Oo, Hells Pixie Easter Egg!

Nebra Reppalk says:

The dwarven realm of King Nebra probably does not extend underneath the pass. Dwarves tend to be very selfish in the sense that if it isn't beneficial to them or their clan, they're hesitant to submit resources. It sounds like the slaver problem has been going on for at least some time, and the people of this valley either have gone to Nebra and have been declined, or have realized diplomatic technicalities involved and haven't bothered to contact him. Considering, however, that these people are responsible for part of his food supply if the problem was to get out of hand I can't see why he wouldn't get involved. Maybe it hasn't reached that point yet.

Skreyola says:

Hmmm... interesting idea about continuing under the mountain...
hehehe... there's Always Another Way!!!

Neko says:

Lol, it is one of Hell's Pixies! It's lurking waiting for the shinies to appear.

Darius Drake says:

Just because the Dwarven kingdom buys food from the humans, it doesn't mean that they need them for survival. I suspect that the food bought is considered to be a treat to Dwarves, like confectionary is to us, so he doesn't care what happens to those he buys it from.

CRaebild says:

Perhaps the dwarves just buy from whoever offers the best price ?

hkmaly says:

Darius Drake: Don't forget that it's the important people (or dwarves) who get most luxuries. Many rulers will be more pissed if they can't get confectionary that if they're peoples can't get food.

This said, I do think it's more about "hasn't reached that point yet" and "they are buying food from them but that doesn't mean they can't buy it from someone else".


maybe the kidnapped people are set to work on different farms, but then they have to work for free. Great cost reduction

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oo! Another way! Happifulness!

... says:

There doth be another way. Defeateth them with grammar!

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