Shiny shiny!
Chasing the Sunset
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Woulv says:

lol^^ SHINY!!!!!!! i love Feiht^^

Mimir says:

Pixie logic. You're getting nothing out of Feiht.

Chariset says:

So pixies use 'shiny' the way Smurfs use 'smurf'? Feiht had better be careful, or Ayne might shiny that shiny right up her shiny.

Winterbay says:

Heh, this comic is shiny :)
Also, shiny

Silk Schneider says:

shiny shiny, shiny?

margaretmay says:

I would have to say this has all been a very shiny experience.

dmfox says:

Like a moth to a flame, :D

Pulsy says:

I knew the lack of waterballoonage was shiny ... i mean bad!

AdTheRat says:

Ouu. It's a place that animals that human hunt for whatever reasons can be safe created by some Lady.. which is worrying, cause it could mean she could take offence to them being there, it still begs the question, why is the door bolted to keep things in when you would want to keep things out? Pixie Logic?

Alric says:

There's a shiny on a shiny in the shiny!

CoolHandNuke says:

Haha pixies think like dogs; if you take the shiny out of their sight they think it'll be gone forever, noooo

Pendraco says:

Um.... I think the words "Pixie" and "logic" are mutually exclusive terms. also, shhhiinnnyyyy!!!!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YAY Feiht!!! I love the shiny shiny too! The artwork is fabulous, as always. Well done!

Ford Prefect says:


Someguy says:

... uh okay. Thanks for the... playboy?
Anyways - I wonder what would happen if they gave her a different word? Like "Glittery"?

-Norbert- says:

My guess would be that there is some magic there, that does something horrible to anyone who hunts there.
And after that horrible thing happened to some of the hunters, the other got scared and barred to doors to keep the horrible things inside the valley.
And remembering what we saw of the Lady of the Forrest so far, she probably turned the hunters weapons into trees (or the hunters themselfs maybe?).

X-Kal says:

I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about the drawing style looks different. Who knows, maybe I'm just imagining things. (I like it!)

Golux says:

Umm... Targe-humans... Was she going to say Targets and then diplomatically changed to Humans??

Baldric says:

The view from above in the fourth panel is nicely done !

hkmaly says:

Golux: Seems like it, althrough Feiht being diplomatic is weird ...

Dark Donkey says:

Feiht wouldn't be diplomatic, she wo- oooh, shiny!

She -Wolf says:

Yea! The return of Feiht. Just what we needed.
Heh heh.. one site of an enraged Lady of the Forest and of course the would be hunters would bar up the door!

Darius Drake says:

When Feiht sees something shiny, she forgets all words and ideas apart from shiny.

Oh, and has she forgotten about the shinies that she left behind NOW?

pixie girl says:


Odofitzg says:

I would point out that some of the things that humans hunt are dragons, gryphons, lions, tigers, bears and unicorns. Also faeries themselves. It might well be that is why the door is locked. It might also be why Tar- er- Humans aren't allowed inside.

The other might be that the Lady made it that way because some of her pets want to be free, but it isn't safe for them.

wierdo says:

It's the grass. The grass is weird.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I have an inexpressible urge to hug Feiht. I don't know why.
She doth RETURN! *dances*

Osk says:

do i look like a fairy to you? hah nice one (again, see background info). yes you do, that was the intention, right?

Neko says:

It's a refuge for creatures that people hunt so they can be shiny. Lol.
What's that thing in between frame 4&5? Well, I know it's a pixie, but who is it...?

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Now what would happen if feiht was introduced to a bug zapper, would she catch on after the first shock or take another.

Nathan R. says:

Remember when you want info from a pixie always cover up all shiny objects.

hailstorm says:

the shiny lady shinied shiny shiny shiny cause shes shiny an shiny shine shinyer shiny elf pie shiny MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!

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