In Darkness Shadows Blend
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

owwwwwwwww, shadow creatures, and i wonder what is stalling them. Furthermore, Myrad can make fire so there is no way that they will be without light.

Chariset says:

Why don't they just go back and spend the night in the mine behind that really really secure door?

hkmaly says:

Chariset: I was thinking the same. They should sleep before entering the Valley and after leaving it. It's not so wide, isn't it ?

Firelander: Probably can't make so much fire.

Hmmm ... I wonder if Feiht knows exactly what is stalking them. Its not like the darkness could lower HER ability to see ...

-Norbert- says:

Unless she believes it does...
If you can convince a Pixie that she is unable to do something, she really can't do it.... untill she forgets about it again a few seconds later that is.

And considering how the Dryads reacted to Leaf trying to climb on a tree, I wouldn't want to make a fire in that place either.

Lee says:

In Darkness Shadows Blend - a rich new coffee from Costabucks.

EcchiKitty says:

Fire bad.
However, this place is ment as a sort of nature preserve, yes? Fairly sure the 'warden' wouldn't be happy with the inhabitants eating each other, so probally anything dangerous is closely watched.... then again, my closely watch them eat the intruders.... erm, okay, time to panic....

CoolHandNuke says:

I wonder if Myhrad will still be a chicken-dragon when he's full size. Probably

CRaebild says:

What's that hiding in the borders, a caterpillar with wings and a face at the front ? It can't be Leto II from the Dune series, he doesn't have wings or a rattle.

Ooga says:

Hey theres a hidden pixie behind the colorful text box! Cool!

oh.. Now i have to go back and see what else has been hidden away! D=

Pendraco says:

looks lieka snake with fly wings to me...but then i may be looking at something else

Pulsy says:

Dark shadows following them while it's getting dark ... I'm with Myhrad on this one, this is getting scary!

simon_w says:

Love the facepalm

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Get well, Alien! Stomach flu is not fun. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Osk says:

sorry, did someone want myrhad to breath fire while feith has (so far) forgotten that he can? There are easier, but less spectacular, ways to cause armageddon

noone says:

I hope Alien gets well soon.

Dark Donkey says:

Gogogog fight the flu

l says:

Has anybody else noticed the large... scrape in the tree behind Anne in the last panel? What exactly made that? In't anybody else curious?

Lee says:

I'm not sure, but what looks like a scrape might just be a hanging twig.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Actually, the thing that looks a bit like a scrape, or maybe a small shelf (Under the magnifier,)? I think that's a fungus. Trees get them sometimes. Now- it there were three or four of them all parallel, THAT would be worrying... What's more worrying is that Alien still seems to be un-well... Best wishes, Alien and Mith!

hailstorm says:

i love the up close of myrd

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