Shiny Dragon
Chasing the Sunset
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Mad_Sheep says:

so sweeeet and yay first comment

Nebra Reppalk says:

Right, nothing to worry about then. Probably benign.

When it eats everyone, you can yell at me.

caribet says:

a dragon that combines the "best" of Feiht and Myhrad? Hmm - better duck!

Chariset says:

It's adorable! Therefore, it's probably a trap

Kilantolshi says:

just thinking, hey, look! a faerie dragon is bite size for Myrhad! then I wonder just how often Feiht has taken a 'residence' in his mouth/stomach, willing or not... oh wait, it's Myrhad, forgot he's a vegetarian...

Odofitzg says:

Awwww.... It looks like the sort of creature Feiht would like to ride, if she were awake.

Firelander says:

well, happily it is a faerie dragon and not a pixie dragon. Faeries are mostly harmless

KBKarma says:

I wonder why the dark thing went running. Methinks because this one is, y'know, quite the opposite of dark.

Winterbay says:

Can faery dradons breathe fire I wonder...

-Norbert- says:

Feith it sleepwalking... erm... sleepflying. ^^

Aren't faries supposed to be extremely shy? Or are the fariy dragons and exception to that?

Osk says:

caribet, and a lot of other people! Fairies are not pixies!

Pulsy says:

Omg that is the cutest thing ever! Look at them tiny paws on that mini dragon :D And i just have to say, i love this chapter in the darkness. These light effects are simply amazing!

EcchiKitty says:

Not sure how to express this.... 'not dangerous' and 'not likely to act in a dangerous fashion' aren't the same thing. Now, I don't know this world, so the rules may well be diffrent, but as I understand, a faerie dragon will most likely just watch you with idle curiousity, and maybe beg for a few sweets. If, however, it considers you something that needs to be 'delt with', you are in for a world of hurt....

Ford Prefect says:

Earth: Mostly harmless(for all you Hitchhiker's fans!)
Faerie Dragon: Mostly harmless????
Doubt it can be classified with Earth, so....

Professor Rowan says:

It looks like a very cute, very tiny version of the Palkia Pokemon...
Which is NOT even remotely harmless...

Someguy says:

Look at it this way - Myhrad isn't running away. So it's probably harmless.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

OMG! I want one! Maybe Myhrad just doesn't know better and really should be running?

wierdo says:

Well, the thing telling me I've missed strips has reached 100.
Nice comic, by the way.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Oh! She's Beautiful!
Wow Feith is a hard sleeper, isn't she?

l says:

it may have sonthing to do with the fact that it is a fairy dragon, and Myhrad is a dragon, too. It may feel a kind of kinship... maybe... a bit?

Last time, I forgot to write anything!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Any chance of getting that lovely little Faerie Dragon as a wallpaper? or a shirt? or maybe a cup? Anything???

Antonious says:

I love the fairy dragon

Io says:

Ooooo It's SUPER CUTE! I want one! (The Faerie Dragon)

hkmaly says:

Perhaps that dark, growling glowy-eyed shape was also mostly harmless? Or perhaps is afraid of light no matter what the source is. And perhaps they would be best friends if not for the glowing ...

In any case, runing is not good option if he things you can meet by runing could be worse that the ones you are runing from.

Neko says:

You did an amazing job on the lighting!!!
Shinyzzzz, lol. Hmm, I wonder how the fairy-dragon might help (Harm?) them.
I want one!

niukal says:

i keep comming up with the idear that the fairy dragon is part of the reason feiht's in such a heavy state of sleep ( be nice way keep fairies under control )
and glade to see i was right bout the light creature scaring of the creature causing the darkness :)

niukal says:

but looks like i was wrong bout the fairy dragon stealing something in its tickle attack

EcchiKitty says:

If you don't run, it can't chase you....

Nathan R. says:

Wow a faerie dragon, best of both worlds!

Myst says:

When it kills them via shiney cuteness, I will laugh.
Nah, fae, in general, are harmless. Sure, the fair folk like to play kick ball with heads, but.... you know what, never mind.... *waves at Leaf* I have your brother *holds up elf plush* SAPLING!

margaretmay says:

yay for Mostly Harmless! Long live HPBs.

Ford Prefect says:

OMG! Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy referece!!
"Mostly harmless" XD

hailstorm says:


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