Losing the plot
Chasing the Sunset
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CRaebild says:

Oops, why did they tell Feith the staff was magic ?

PS: First post looks good for once !!

Winterbay says:

Love the alt-text as usual :)
Also, it's probably a mistake to inform a pixie of such things and the 2nd panel is hilarious :)

Cemalidor says:

Somehoe i think this is not Feith who's talking....

Zergonapal says:

I laughed our loud at the third panel :D

KBKarma says:

I agree. I don't think that's Feiht. Then again, I can't see her, but she's listed in the cast for today.

-Norbert- says:

I don't see any problem with telling Feiht about the staff. A few seconds later she will already have forgotten about it anyway, since it isn't shiny (or rather the shinyness is hidden).

Alric says:

Feiht knows the staff is magic - guess who it was that conjured the magic staff in the 1st place :)

Therru says:

Haha, love the Holy Grail reference in the third panel. :)

Alien says:

Hey - Christian Rębild (comment#1)? The email form on your webpage doesn't work. Considering you are/were a stars! and RPG player, I figured I'd invite you to #stars! and #adnd on irc.starlink.org - two long standing channels with other oldtimers like us. In #adnd other comic readers also pop in from time to time, too (and everyone's certainly welcome).

Chariset says:

Yeah, I'm with Ayne on this one. Come on, Leaf -- the current situation isn't magically-adventurous enough for you?

Vulpis says:

*blink* There's an IRC channel for Stars! players? Stars! as in the oldish conquer the galaxy game with the ability to customize your race, including one that can make jumpgates which make moving your forces around really fun?

Anakha says:

I agree, that was most likely NOT Feiht. Which makes the comment both more and less scary.....;)

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Yeah, if that last comment was Feiht, wouldn't there've been that cute little rainbow around the text bubble? Does that mean it's the "shadow wolf" that asked? Maybe it's not so scary after all, just curious...

CoolHandNuke says:

I love this one, especially Ayne's little speech at the end. And if someone could point me somewhere where I could download Stars! I'd really appreciate it, the last time I played it was when it first came out!

Mithandir says:

Vulpis: IT for the win! My favourite race. I'm the one who wrote the Stars! Calculator.
Oh and sorry to spoil everybody's speculation, but the reason there's no rainbow around that last speech bubble is because photoshop bugged out strangely.

Alien says:

Vulpis: You're of course also very welcome!

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Monty Pythons, one of the best movies ever!! Unfortunately it's true,they don't really need imagination, the current situation seems to take care of that pretty well by itself.

Pulsar says:

Aww no rainbow! But that line does open an opportunity for mayhem :D

hkmaly says:

Alric: Feiht forgot the staff is magic long ago.

Personally, I would say the opposite is true: They need a lot of imagination to plan actions with what they have. But not so much as Leaf shown, that's also true :-)

Also, Myhrad forgot that being in lake does not equal not being able to find way out of it. Lady of the lake presumable liked it there.

RissaJ says:

I sense a slight Monty Python reference in panel 3... :D

Someguy says:

I didn't even get that til you pointed it out... I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

Osk says:

ayne has a good point, they dont need imagination

Mpp says:

@RissaJ: slight ;)

4WindsWanderer says:

That's true; why WOULD they need any imagination? Other than for imagining how to survive these strange events. They say that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction . . . .

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Oh crazzlefraggitz.

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