Rock Solid Senses
Chasing the Sunset
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Rock says:

My goodness me, so cynical. ^^;

Rock says:

And just now I notice that Myhrad can apparently be cynical even while he's getting his belly rubbed. For shame! ^^

caribet says:

Mithandir - the photos of Switzerland are interesting, esp. the panoramas - but the link "here" in your post is wrong.
You coded ?p=almbum-009
but it should be (by experiment and guesswork) ?p=album-009

Hope the Swiss trip was as refreshing for you as it looks...

KBKarma says:

"I only speak contrabass." Very nice. :D

Mithandir says:

Fixed, thanks.

Winterbay says:

Myhrad looks absolutely cute in the last panel :)

Anyone with a good memory for melodies that can figure out what song it is this time? I'm just good at playing songs, not at recognising them...

Shadow says:

"Eat us" "Dooooo Eeeeeeeeet...."

eekee says:

Poor Myhrad, so jaded so early in life.

Someguy says:

I think Myhrad needs a hoard. Then he can be play with his shinies while being jaded, AND serve as a convenient Feiht distraction.

Vulpis says:

I think Myhrad is smart enough to *avoid* that fate, Someguy. ;-)

pathanos says:

6 flats o.o quickly with life too,
how does it translate -.-

Darius Drake says:

Continental drift. A quick way to transport VERY large quantities of rock across the planet.

Also, the talking rock would have to be very sensitive to pick up those vibrations. It also explains why there aren't more talking rocks, learning to "hear" and understand what is being said would be difficult for anyone in that state.

OWK says:

Hmm, but continential drift would move the whole valley as well. Perhaps a nice glacial event instead?

Myst says:

Yeah, but by the time the Glacier really got moving, the elves would be dead

Someguy says:

... I forget - are these the "live a really really really long time" type elves, or the "never ever die except through accident/sword-in-head" type elves?

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

I have no trouble identifying the song whatsoever.

hkmaly says:

Someguy: It certainly isn't type of elves who can outlive being frozen in ice.

Osk says:

or wait for continental drift to bring leaf his father home

Cemalidor says:

Second name of the rock "Mt. Saint Helens"? Would result in instant transport *kinda*.

Winterbay says:

Cemalidor: Only if the direction you want to go in is up and in flames (or possibly into atoms) :)

Cemalidor says:

That's what the *kinda* stands for. ;) Myhrad could be fine maybe....

SagaciousNJ says:

I'm more surprised that anyone besides the rock knows what continental drift is. Where did myhrad go to school?

Akamar says:

I love that dragon.

hkmaly says:

SagaciousNJ:In the elven village, where else? I actually think there was even mentioned he payed attention better that Leaf ...

... says:

Allegretto con vivo!

pathanos says:

Allegretto con vivo! the con is in theory not needed but it looks better with it.

Pulsar says:

Ooh it looks so happy again! Also sounds happy though i once again have no clue what song this is. 6 flats is pretty uncommon though, shouldn't be too hard to recognise for someone who's into this kind of thing.

ultrainventor says:

hang on... that song is impossible to play on the piano as there is no c flat.

hkmaly says:

ultrainventor: I'm sure it can be played on Unseen University organ without any problem.

Gunnar says:

... can't... stop... laughing....

hkmaly says:

Note: It was comix 98 which featured Myhrad mentioning that he read the books Leaf was supposed to study from.

aj26 says:

someone remind me how did Ayne rip her clothes

Tomewyrm says:

Quickly with life, in 3:4 time, and in G-flat major? If I was a bigger music geek I might recognize it, but I am miserable at reading music. Note that there actually IS a C-flat, it's called B. Took me a few minutes to play it right, but I can't figure out what the song is

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