One of a size
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

I love it. We have Feiht who is the ultimate existentialist vs. Ayne the ultimate realist. Of course it helps that her being a pixie gives her a certain amount of leeway.
Beautiful work, as always.

Irish Drinker says:

Great job guys :) Love the work as always, and glad to see that reality still is in pixie flux :P

KBKarma says:

I only noticed you'd started updating yesterday. Glad to have you guys back!

And does anyone else get the feeling that they didn't actually shrink?

Winterbay says:

Mmmm pixiephysics. Can it get mroe confusing? :)
Also: "You're right over there! You must save you!", heh :)

eekee says:

*giggle* I love Feight's total incomprehension of the size issues here.

Flightmare says:

I love pixie logic. It brings warm fuzzies to my heart. And aneurysms to my brain.

Chariset says:

I give Feiht credit for seeming somewhat worried about their lives, even if she does do it in pixie fashion.

The faerie dragon is so cute. It's like a seahorse.

Someguy says:

Quantum pixie-canics: you are both annoyed and not annoyed at the same time, but there's no way to tell which until you're annoyed.

Pulsar says:

lol i love the confusion in this one. Feihts mind works in mysterious ways... I think humans will never fully understand pixies, similar in the way that men will never fully understand women.

Cemalidor says:

:) I love the close up of the faerie dragon, nicely done.

Darius Drake says:

My thoughts on the "physics" of this is that pixies are the almost the size of a dozen or so human cells, at smallest, but send what could be called a telepathic message on what they look like, including size, to whoever is supposed to see them, making them "look" to be the comparitive size of faeries to humans.

Lindale says:

Why does fairy-logic have to obey the boring old rules of physics anyway? :P

Osk says:

it doesnt. And since pixie magic is based on what they believe to be true, and pixie logic doesnt always follow reality, reality sort of adapts to follow their logic out of embarrasement. this explains a lot of the chaos they cause with others

hkmaly says:

Darius Drake: Why complicate it? :-)

Pixie is a singularity of chaos. As a singularity, it has no measurable size (that is, is smaller that planck size). The image we see is an illusion projected by her subconscious to others.

ultrainventor says:

glad to see the comic back! i hope your hand is better myth. you shouldn't draw if it isn't.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Hurrah for Feiht! It doesn't have to make sense as long as it makes sense to me! SPOON!

Someguy says:

Indeed, sir. Spoon.

Odo says:

Osk, I really liked your turn of phrase there: "reality sort of adapts to follow their logic out of embarrassment." Sounds like something Prachett would write in a Diskworld novel (and that's high praise).

darkangel says:

Only pixie logic can make Who's on first easy to understand.

Shali says:

Oo~ Terry Pratchett-ness! Neat! As usual, amazing work. I love this comic more and more with each passing day.

Sheela says:

mmf .. Feiht has good body shape in last panel.

Pulsar says:

Well, maybe Feiht is telling the truth. Maybe the fearie dragon and the grass just got bigger?

Lee says:

So Feiht's size is relative to whoever thinks she's whatever size they...

Excuse me, I need to see my shrink.

l says:

Maybe, instead of the pixie being confusing about size, it is actually the dragon that is projecting a false, smaller image of itself before.

Xigedore says:

Oh this is so clever. Back when the party met the two dragons Feight looked as big as Leaf for a panel or two. But it was from the perspective of one of the dragons. Hats off to the Author for thinking this stuff up this far ahead.

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