If You Bait a Trap for Pixie...
Chasing the Sunset
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simon_w says:

Feiht's logic wins.

Odo says:

The most dangerous traps are the ones that you know are there; not that any trap is particularly dangerous to a pixie. As long as the pixie believed in the trap, it would be fine (as seen here). However, as soon as she ceases to believe in the trap, the pixie is out of the bag (as seen here). Love the coloring on the *bang*. Good to see the updates coming back, too.

Rox says:

I love the little boom over the explosion. :D It's cute :)

Lindale says:

XD Shiny!

Anakha says:

Indeed, typical Feiht Logic.
And are we to expect more or elss "normal" update schdules anytime soon? Just asking.....

Mithandir says:

Anakha (and others with the same question):We're going to try ... and that's all I can promise, sorry. I've been working 80-hour weeks on my dayjob for the past few months and it's really taken it's toll. That combined with my still-recovering hand and our toilet problems (it's broken again but this time the plumbers know what's wrong) has really made updating hard. However those are all excuses and we will try harder to give you the updates you deserve, striving to improve both the quantity as the quality of our work.

Nebra Reppalk says:

So it's official, a pixie has the memory span of a goldfish.

Ultrainventor auf Deutch! says:

Sehr lustig! Sprechen sie Deutch? Ja, oder nein? Fieht hat ADHD. Ich habe ADHD... Arbeiten sind langweilig.

ICH SPRACHE DEUTCH! ein bisschen...

Ultrainventor says:

i may have spelled some things wrong. I said "Very funny! do you speak German? Fieht has ADHD. I have ADHD... work is boring.

I SPEAK GERMAN! a little...

so anyway, funny comic. I like how Myhrad is cowering in the second-to-last panel.

Nyerguds says:

Hehe, so now we know where the barrel came from... and all the rest :P

Osk says:

hm, lets see, translating... translating....

well, you wrote work -are- boring, otherwise, looks ok

and indeed, now we know where the stuff came from, Though feith is more or less angry for trapping herself...

Lee says:

Ahem. The phrase "toilet problems" make it sound like you have, um, continence issues rather than just broken plumbing...

Cemalidor says:

;) If you need something translated into german lemmi know, since it's my native language.

Anyway, nice comic there. :D

Ultrainventor says:

sind is plural for is, so i think i said that right because i was refering to work as a plural noun.
why was Fieht holding on to a barrel?

Ultrainventor says:

that's cool cemalidor! i cant speak English much, let alone German, but I can speak a little. I said all of what I said without a translater.

Ultrainventor says:

OSK: don't trust online translaters. i once translated something into german. when i translated it back into english, it was something completly different than what i originally put in the translator.

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