Plan foiled
Chasing the Sunset
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EdorFaus says:

LOL! "Sit!" indeed... :D

Edgard says:

Yay! Finally! ;D

Darius Drake says:

I want to know how Leaf knows what an aerodynamical constant and terminal velocity IS.

Rose says:

Who doesn't want to know? ;)
Great artwork on panel two and five - the Guardian looks quite real ^^ Oh, and is it me or have you started on a new way to draw Leaf's "surprised big eyes" on the last panel? :P

Unknown says:

'terminal velocity' is usually either a very high speed, where you die on impact, or a speed, where you are so fast that you die because some (or all) of your internal organs stop working

Unknown says:

But... why or how Leaf expects Myhrad to gain such a speed, is beyond my comprehension

Nobody says:

Actually terminal velocity is the speed at which drag from the air prevents gravity from accelerating a falling object farther. The main factors for what the speed will be are the mass of the object and it's surface area in relation to the direction of movement.

Many creatures can survive impact at terminal velocity with little or no damage(mostly insects).

Mithandir says:

Nobody has it right (er, that is, "Nobody" is right, not that nobody is right). Terminal velocity is the speed at where air resistance stops you from falling any faster.

Rock says:

Well, this was fascinating. ^^ Even the best laid plans go out the door once the first shot is fired, but Leaf's plans sadly fall apart even before that happens.

Vulpis says:

Of course, the punch line will be that Ayne's plan *works*, much to the shock of everyone involved. ;-)

Ultrainventor says:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! I bet I could decode those schematics.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Vulpis - or maybe that's just what they want you to think.

Glad to see that things are back up and running! I must admit that I got distracted by other things (such as work and books) at about the time you broke your hand, Mith, but! I have returned, and I am looking forward to more updates! Congratulations on the new house, you guys must be so excited. =D

Ultrainventor says:

aerodynamics: basically related to friction. things are more aerodynamic when they have fewer micro/macroscopic "hills and vallies" on the surface of the object in motion. Friction is relative to pressure. I can see Myhrad not liking "terminal velocity" as that is the fastest speed at which an object falls before air friction causes it to stop falling any faster, and seeing how much Myhrad hates falling...

Ummm... Ayne, I wouldn't get so close. not unless I wanted to be seeing the beast from the inside.

Ultrainventor says:

yeesh... that would be... interesting. that happened to Feiht before, didn't it? with a dragon? it was purple.

hkmaly says:

Darius Drake: Seems that Myhrad didn't read all necessary schoolbooks ... (see comix 98 for reference). Perhaps he read only the boring wants Leaf didn't care for - and aerodynamic was seen as interresting by Leaf ...

hkmaly says:

Eh. "the boring ones".

Lindale says:

HAHAHAHAHA! XD This is one of my favourite pages so far!

Unknown says:

Ultrainventor: Maybe thats her plan? Usually a beasts armor is thiner on the inside

Osk says:

my bet is still that the guardian runs away at the sight of a pixie, it has to be quite fed up with em by now

Watsuki says:

Awesome. "If I'm going to fail no matter what, then at least I won't be sweaty when I do."

VexingVision says:

I am totally going to steal that line from Ayne the next time someone expects my rogue to actually negotiate with a dragon. Again.

Cemalidor says:

What a pity if the guardian follows the 'order', only to 'sit' ontop of poor Ayne. :XDDD

spark flare says:

sorry i'm late. i was sick

Ultrainventor says:

unknown: yeah, but seeing as this thing is most likely immortal anyway, it might not be the best idea. although, killing things from the inside is a decent suprise tactic. I also create charicters and superhumans. one of them has to fight things that have vertualy bulletproof scales. though his blade can slice through three feet of steel and concrete, for some of the bigger monsters he has to throw an antimatter grenade down it's throa... DRAT I did it again. well, now you know that I, like mith and alien, enjoy inventing fictional charicters. (I need to work on not placing long monologs)

Sheela says:

Heh, reminds me of a D&D game, where a dwarf gets annoyed at an ogre during a fight, that he shouts "play dead you %&&%" at it, and surprise surprise, it does as he says, after the GM asks us to do the appropiate will save wolls for it and everythiing. It ends up being infatuated with the dwarf and follows him around like a little puppy would. so we had to deal with a big puppy ogre that followed us everywhere ... into the dungeons where it sprung every trap known to mankind, into the cities and the Inns ... it was a lot of work, but rather fun. :)

Sheela says:

Heh .. now the monster just has to fall in love with her and follow her around like a little puppy.

Into the city, scaring people. Into the treasure dungeon, springing every trap known to mankind. Oooh, the fun it could have with her. :)

spark flare says:

Plan foiled must be the crazyest comic ever
i like when ayne said sit to the huge bug

Pulsy says:

Panel 5 looks like the dragon could get rid of Ayne with one flick of a finger. Err, toe. Claw? Appendage? ...

that guy again says:

Um. Did Leaf just come up with a plan between episodes, or did he do it so long ago I can't remember?

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