The Charge of the Elf Brigade
Chasing the Sunset
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caribet says:

Whoo-hoo! Lovely (anti)-climax
Hope Mith's hand is much better, and not over-working too much.
Continuing thanks for all the CtS strips!

Pulsy says:

Gotta love a good anticlimax :D I love how it's Leaf leading the charge this time XD

Darius Drake says:

Yay! I'm sure that Myhrad will like this turn of events!

Lindale says:

"Rhhaaaaaaaaaaa er uhm?" is Ayne's best battlecry yet XD

Wanderer says:

I guess someone took just a little too long in getting there.

Anakha says:

hmmmmm......intersting and funny strip.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Heheh. Luv.

OWKTree says:

Hey - that's my D&D group!

MadMann135 says:

That was the best anticlimactic battle yet.

VexingVision says:

I love the tentacle hair. Cthulhelf indeed!

Lady Asher says:

two things that elevate this strip from merely 'great' to 'totally awesome:' Ayne's battle cry (LOVED IT!) and Feiht in the first panel fulfilling the tentacle reference, which i had to use the magnifier to find ^^

Watsuki says:

Wait... did leaf actually just capture the baddies? By himself? Woah!

Ultrainventor says:

i found frank.

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