A trace of a track
Chasing the Sunset
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Lindale says:

The comic works for me :)
Aw, poor Leaf, I guess he was hoping for more answers, and his adventure's suddenly turned serious again :(

Winterbay says:

Ohh a mean teaser...

Darius Drake says:

It depends. In context to the story, no, you are not being mean, you are extending the story. That's a good thing for us readers, and so you are choosing to be nice to your readers rather than your characters. Also, it's more realistic for him to forget. Or it not to be Leaf's father. Actually, if there were elves anywhere but where "our adventurers" came from, both is just as plausable.

Alric says:

Did the give Tom his choice to be a "Lost Boy?"

Ultrainventor says:

that was kind of anticlimactic as well... but now they have a lead.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Great comic. Perfectly fitting for the next piece of information. Love it. And GREAT job with the sunset colors!!!

Rose says:

Darius... Amgd! You're the same Darius as from the ASP comics? Whoop!
Anyway, major cliffhanger. Nice drawings! I love the original pose on the third panel.

Watsuki says:

Who writes the alt text? Regardless, yes. Yes you ARE a mean person.

that guy again says:

South? So now they'll be chasing the midday sun. ;-)

eekee says:

Leaf must be feeling serious and tired if he just said something straightforward and practical instead of coming up with a plan.

hkmaly says:

Well ... they spend most of their "sunset chasing" journey going north (after failing to get ship). So it's not suprising the direction is south now :-).

Phenoca says:

Feiht looks tired? IT'S A TRAP!

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