Thinking like Leaf
Chasing the Sunset
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Roverting says:

XD HA! Never think like Leaf to get out of a dangerous situation! He or she will always make things worse. Well, okay, that's not true. Leaf's plans do somehow work - or are saved by an outside party - but they usually end up making things more difficult.

Riverting says:

....I can't believe I mispelled my own name. -_-;

MadMann135 says:

Contrary to popular belief, I think Leaf spends days or hours coming up with plans on top of plans for every feasible and un-feasible situation. Taking into account everything that could happen Leaf is a master strategist.
That or he's part divine entity.

Rock says:

If she'd thought like Ayne, she'd have ripped out feathers by the handfull and the raptor might have let her go before they arrived at its hungry brood... o_o

hkmaly says:

Riverting: I would say more interresting. In a chinese curse way.

MadMann135: He is part divine entity now. See strip #499.

Unknown says:

hkmaly: I wouldn't say that he is part divine entity... He's just able to argue with them and emerge unscathed

Golux says:

Hoo boy! Think like Leaf to get out of a situation? Isn't that some sort of oxymoron?

Pulsy says:

Nice timing Feiht :D Probably better then plumeting to death (can half-pixies die?) from average cruising-height though.

Lee says:

What normal people does she know? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Lindale says:

@ Lee: XD! Good point!

Osk says:

may you live in interesting times

Someguy says:

What would Leaf do? A complicated plan. What would Ayne do? Rip out feathers. What would Myhrad do? Hide until it went away.
Yes, I don't think she had much chance.

l says:

MadMann135: He is both. Live. Or don't. Or maybe he is really a pixie who thinks it is an elf, and has created this whole world because it thinks that the world is real... wait... is Leaf... THE URPIXIE?

Darius Drake says:

Leaf wouldn't tickle a bird (though to only the lightly initiated to Leaf's planning, it would sound like one of Leaf's plans)! He'd attack the legs somehow! He'd still land in the same situation, but he would have had a DIFFERENT plan!

Watsuki says:

Pyrrhic victory, well done Feiht!

ultrainventor says:

or she could have thought like me; pulled a TAR-21 out of nowhere and fired it at the bird's wings but she doesn't know me, so she didn't use me as a reference...

ok, i admit it, i like guns and action movies too much.

the voice in my head says:

yeah, you do.

Lee says:

Heh. Just noticed that little throwaway line there... "Now how would he or she solve this..."

Ultrainventor says:

HA! i just noticed that! ROFL

Oblomov says:

Hm how did she wriggle her arms free?

CCC says:

She must have believed that she could wriggle her arms free... or more likely she didn't think of the difficulty.

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