The Old Dragon Inn
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Silly tall fat humans. Who'd ever call their wife 'wife'?

Nova says:

Someone who was too blind drunk to remember her name.

kokopelli says:

green dragon inn.... old dragon inn.....

Puddingpie says:

Chinese people call their wife 'wife.' We also call our brothers "brother," our sisters "sister," our cousins "cousin"... seriously, I don't know any relative who's actually addressed by proper name. It makes family reunions really confusing because you have to know everyone's relation to everyone else.

Puddingpie says:

(on a side note, ever notice how elves are in some ways similar to western stereotypes of Chinese people?

Stop laughing! :)

They come from an ancient, mysterious culture, live in harmony with nature, and meditate. The typical elf is also shorter, has delicate features, slightly upturned eyes, is more emotionally restrained than humans but has great wisdom, and their style of combat relies more on finesse than force. In a lot of fantasy settings, elves have pale skin and black hair.


(end of conspiracy theory)

Bubbles says:

i also subscribe to muse

Bastet says:

Yeah, and they have those really slanty eyes like asian peoples do!
My family is asian, by the way.

Ajemii says:

YAY Muse is cool thats how i found this site!

Shadow Phoenix says:

Ditto. Muse pwns. As we all know from the March issue, the stereotypes Puddingpie draws on are related to something which is merely a social construct, so therefore no comspiracy theory is possible. Sorry, I just had to draw that in.

Bubbles says:

muse is teh uberpwns!

Lone Star says:


Statri says:

I think a few hundred years or so ago, before women's rights & stuff, women would be called things life "wife" or "woman" by the men who lived with them.

Lone Star says:

Muse is teh superubergigundouspwns!!!

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