Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Next comic will be a lot faster: it's already partly sketched. Sorry about hiati (hiatusesses?)

McGuffin says:

How Bizarre - I posted first. Awesome!

Anon says:

hiatus (plural hiatus or hiatuses)

hkmaly says:

"Apart from that" :-). They should test him. For start, he didn't freaked out seeing dragon ... if he accepts the rest of weird things which our group know is true then he is really good.

Anakha says:

An Update, yay!

Also: The last lines made me laugh a lot.

Pulsy says:

That's a good way to call everyone stupid :P I wonder what Myhrad is staring at in the second panel. That guy in pink must be doing something we can't see... And i'm pretty sure the person in green next to him is in on it.

Iceea II says:

Is Feiht helping Ayne with her wardrobe decisions? Tune in next comic...

Alric says:

Is the magnifying glass gone? I wanted to spot the hidden "easter eggs!"

Alric says:

Doh, ignore me. Found the magnifying glass but didn't spot and hidden extras.

Matti says:

Indrico says:

The one with a braid is female, obvious a bit of hanky-panky going on, or possibly pick-pocketing under the guise of hanky-panky.

aj26 says:

it's like they know

aj26 says:

i do not read your comments before posting mine.
(just so you know)

Ultrainventor says:

Haha! scholar: 1, bartender: 0.

The Fansheep says:

no guy hanging in the lamp? ;)

Osk says:

noone says:

Yay! Thanks!

Watsuki says:

Heh, I think ultrainventor summed it up pretty well. Sumed? Anyways, good to see you guys back.

Lee himself and no other says:

Ugg spam?!

Mithandir says:

Lee: 'fraid so. Deleted now, but more will probably come through. Spammers have really multiplied over the past few weeks, with many hundreds of spam attempts every day, some of which get through :(

Ultrainventor says:

scholars know a lot! listen to nerds!

hailstorm says:

there was ugg spam on the last comic too

vash_ts says:

we have arrived at the SCUMM bar!

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