Not Your Usual Guests
Chasing the Sunset
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Winterbay says:

Yay! New comic and it's funny as well :)

simon_w says:

Loving Myhrad in the last panel :)

Osk says:

why cant they ever get to stay in a tavern without rhyme having to help them?

Katkinkate says:

'Cause tavern owners aren't stupid. It's not good business practice to allow dragons to stay in your wooden building. Nor crazy people.

Anakha says:

And most certainly not crazy people who ahppen to be Elves on top of that ACCOMPANIED by Dragons.

kavi says:

lol and here i thought the first comment would be about how a dragon could be mistaken for a dog XD

Web says:

Heh. I just imagined our favorite dragon with a speech impediment. 'I'm a dwagon' 'dwagon?'

Pulsy says:

Well they got thrown out, but at least this plan of Leafs wasn't as dangerous and complicated as usual :) Also myhrad in the last panel... love it! :D

Alric says:

I beat the spam filter and commented that I enjoy the comic!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Love the new comic. Love Myhrad in the last frame. Love the lighting and shadows. It's all looking VERY good!

Ultrainventor says:

haha. poor Myhrad. I wonder if they would allow a cyborg if one just walked in the door and asked for a room.

"Hello, I would like a room please."
"sure, but you will have to remove the metal mask. and the red monocle might unnerve some of our guests."
"umm... I cant remove them. that's my face. and that's my eye."

hailstorm says:

lol "he hardly ever breaths fire" i woulda just gone with the dog thing

Lee himself and who shall say else? says:

"Um... yes, that's right, he's that rare breed of dog, you know, with the blue sca... that is, fur... and orange stripes. And leathery wings. And a pointy tail. And he talks. Well, talks back, more like, ha ha... what's strange about that?"

hkmaly says:

Anakha: Elves shouldn't be problem. Amazons, on the other hand ...

Web: Dwagons had been already done.

hkmaly says:

Also, it seems pixies are not AS much problem - otherwise the World that Is would already developed pixie-proof payment system like paper money.

Gelgisith says:

Ehm, dragons? Okay... Fire? Well, if you can contain yourself... Magic? That's about the limit... Pixies coming back with shinies? Nuh-uh!!! *boot*

Osk says:

paper money ise definately not pixie proof, it burns, can be made into interesting shapes and can blow out the window and cause chaos in the street

Pulsy says:

but at least it's not shiny :P

Watsuki says:

Ever notice how Leaf getting his way is almost never comfortable for him?

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