We the Wanderers
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

WOOHOO! wait... WHAT is Feith trying to do there? Steal Ayne's SLEEVE?!

Darius Drake says:

Of course not, Ladyfox7oaks. She's probably trying to steal a in that was holding the gashes together. Or, of course, because this is Feiht, trying to get revenge against Ayne and failing miserably.

Iceea II says:

Wow, thanks for the comment LF7O, I wouldn't have even noticed Feiht. And it got me to try the magnifier, very cool.

RG2Cents says:

Spooky? Yeah, I'd say spooky's the word...

Alric says:

Candles on boats, hmm, methinks they might be stealing boats used in some sort of ceremony...

Pulsy says:

Everyone knows you can take a boat as long as there's a lit candle in it. Of course, you can't have lit it yourself, than it would would be theft. Was Feiht trying to rip Aynes sleeve further apart?

Ringtail says:

Did anyone notice the dog with antlers in the margin?...you have to use magnifying glass to see it...

kavi says:

holy cow in the margin on the previous page there is a venus flytrap trying to eat feiht XD

Osk says:

isn't it a rabbit with antlers?

watsuki says:

It's all in the details. Nice comic you two :D

EdorFaus says:

I think Feiht was simply trying to pour itching powder down the hole.

When she goes flying in panel 5, there's also a small bag trailing some kind of powder, and if you look closely in panel 4, she's holding it up above the hole.

hailstorm says:

I've returned!!!!!!!!!!

Pulsy says:

You're right EdorFaus! I see it too now :D Thanks! :D

crazyone says:

Is Chasing the Sunset on TWC? if not is should be

RG2Cents says:

Must not be. I did a search for the title and it came up zilche. Here's the link to TWC listing, and it doesn't cost anything to register a new comic. http://topwebcomics.com/ Think about it, 'cause TWC is pretty much the #1 webcomic list going on right now.

Mithandir says:

We're not on TWC, no. The problem I have with TWC is that unless you are already popular or you nag your readers constantly, you're just going to be on page 563 or something and nobody is going to see you anyway. We prefer to put our efforts into improving the comic rather than making voting incentives.

Mithandir says:

Of course, I might be entirely wrong about that :)

RG2Cents says:

@_@ So that's why I'm #400 and something! XD

Illinia says:

Love the moonlight water effect! :)

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