Cry Havoc!
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Don't ask me why the pixie can't just crawl out through the bars...

Reinder says:

Must be the iron's magnetic field constraining it.

Nova says:

i think its a mermaid crossed with a genie.

the krud says:

why doesn't the bird eat the pixie?

Dark Flame says:

Pixies give very bad indigestion.

Lady Sol says:

That is one cute pixie

Lee says:

Sorry, it's "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war".

blazerflare says:

I believe that pixies might not be great escape artists if they do not see a door, knot, or bow they can undo or use to escape.

Bubbles says:

sohac's creepy.

Bubbles says:

"Let's lose the dogs of war!"

Shadow Phoenix says:

Feiht saw Julius Caesar? Shakespeare doesn't seem very pixie-friendly.

Shadow Phoenix says:

On the other hand, "havoc" does seem to be a good pixie war cry...

Lee says:

????? says:

cant pixies teleport?

hkmaly says:

?????: Only if someone reminds them :-)

Lokitf says:

I think Cry Havoc might also be a band, but that one I'm not sure of

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