Taking Charge
Chasing the Sunset
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Lechku says:

These things remind me of the song "Tom Traubrt's Blues" by Tom Waits, because it has a line about "Ghosts who sell memories." Anyway, great comic.

Lechku says:

Tom Traubert's Blues, sorry.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Love how Leaf's eyes change from "Annoyed red" to "Ayne, Shut UP! Green"... Hee!

I Don't Know says:

yeah: If you look closely you can see sort of a red aura around Leaf until the last panel; Ayne just kills the mood. ;)
Also, anyone else find the "belly button" that stays with the Archive kind of funny?

aj26 says:

NOOO! don't get mad at ayne, you might blow up in her face!

Osk says:

Wait, is leaf making sense? I'm shocked.

Pulsy says:

I wonder if Feiht is fond of shiny people as well as objects... if so, a few characters are about to get kidnapped. :)

Untitled says:

Pulsy: Yeah, she is. Remember when she said she liked it when Leaf was *cough* with fury because he was shiny that way?
It would actually be pretty funny if she started kidnapping shiny characters...hehehe.

lord foul says:

do the red eyes make the puppy dog pout more or less effective for the life of me i can't tell

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