Looking for you
Chasing the Sunset
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Elsa says:

Myhrad has an iron will :D

Aileen-Heather says:

New comic yay! And way to go Myhrad! And these knowledge spirits are creepy.

Lolly says:

Is the carrot there to distract the vampiric bunnies?

C-PM says:

Myhrad! Good for resisting temptation... again!

Me says:

The bait was enough to feed the guppy.

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

I say again, I love Myhrad!!!

Coraphise says:

Myhrad's awesome ^^

Pulsy says:

Hehe way to own the green thing!

Once again the light effects are astonishing. Also i love the green grin in the second panel. Not much of a face to work with, but combined with the hands, the drawing screams he's up to no good.


Is that Fieht's wing sticking out of the pack in panel 1?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

BOOYAH! Way to Go Myhrad!! And YOU, Silly little knowledge fiend... YOU have said more than you probably should... Myhrad's no fool, and will have no problem logic-ing that out.

hkmaly says:

They really should invest into internet. I mean, the web browser don't care how much informations it forgots :-).

Kaylin says:

Yay! You tell 'im, Myhrad! :D

ultrainventor says:

HAH! TAKE THAT GREEN GUY! sooo, what did happen when his crystal was destroyed? did it reform in Feiht's bag?

ultrainventor says:

and is it just me, or is the page... different?

Kim says:

I get the feeling that Myhrad isn't doing this to annoy the green thing, he just honestly does not care. Or he's trying to bluff it so it will tell him stuff for free. ; )

Dark Dragon says:

Clever as always, great job guys! I wonder what part of the green spirit's statement matters most to Myhrad though- given that the spirit also just revealed that they don't know everything.

IrishDrinker says:

Furies would be AWESOME!
Love the comic guys, I know I do not make comments on every strip, but I have been reading a long time now (Leaf leaving on his journey). I know Geb is far away, but I miss that guy :P Maybe a little update on how the massive troll is doing as a guard of a city could be a fun distraction :)

Wisknort says:

@Dark Dragon: Actually, that's not a reveal. The ghosts are the knowledge of people who have come here. So of course they won't know everything.

@: Nope, it's the arrows. Check panel 4. Definitely looks similar though. I had to do a double-take.

I'm not satisfied with Myhrad's explanations so far. He's hiding a LOT. I want to know what.

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