Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Uh ... is she's trying to be less blue?

Mithandir says:

Yes, actually. A reaction to the whole business in the dwarven kingdom.

Firelander says:

a lazy dragon, well it isn't that bad right.

Seros Senric says:

Because Feiht, "one does not live on shinies alone."

KathiraNarae says:

Any pixie would disagree, there, Seros.

Who, Me? says:

On the subject of the color change, I think her new clothes look much better. There was just TOO MUCH BLUE in the old look.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I like how Feiht's dress changed, for the first four panels until she forgot about it again. ;) I like Ayne's new look too.

Kim says:

And that is why paper money was invented. So you can trade non shiny things for shiny thing and end up with all the shiny things in the world.

Dalfio says:

Actualy, asking any dragons anything is a VERY bad idea.

Me says:

Not to mention the height of comfort for a dragon is a nice pile of comfy treasure. Which would be A. Impossible to obtain without thievery. B. Stolen (again) by Feiht. And C. Even if they did manage it it would be terribly uncomfortable for the other three party members. So no, don't ask the dragon to pick a place to sleep.

Lee that's so writing this says:

Feiht has purple hearts? Didn't know she'd been wounded in battle.


Noooo, something bad must have happened to Myrhad. Though without pockets it can't have been a robbery

Me says:

You can use ohter people's name... Trolls! Go steal usernames and make those say "I am ___"!! Jk, there isnt any troll on this website for that. [Dalfio posted this]

Pulsy says:

Why dragons are like cats, reason 1245: equally impossible sleeping positions.
Love Myhrad!

C-PM says:

Ahhh Myhrad! You are so cute I love you. Very much.

hkmaly says:

Me: Isn't the reason dragons like sleeping on gold good thermal conductivity? With Myhrad only recently starting breathing fire he may not really care yet.
Oh, wait ... he already slept on gold in comics 341 ... and that was before he started breathing fire.

Stardrake says:

The D&D 3.5 Draconomicon has a good explanation - dragon hides are tougher and less sensitive than human skin, to a point where a pile of coins provides enough sensation to feel nice, but still has enough give to be comfortable in. The analogy given is to a nubby wool blanket for a human. Also considering in many depictions dragons can smell gold, and the hoard essentially becomes the draconic equivalent to scented sheets.

ShinRaiten says:

Heh, gotta love Ayne's expression in the last panel there. Also I think Feiht meant "would," in the 4th panel instead of "wouldd," but maybe she spells things differently.

ultrainventor says:

I just noticed how Feiht's dress turns green again as soon as she gets distracted.

Kimi says:

What is that by the woodpile? More pixies?

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