The plan
Chasing the Sunset
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Erik says:

I don't think the reporting back is going to be necessary. Malvenicus will find them, if only to get the pixies of his back...

Osk says:

Are you sure this isn't Leaf his father? The plan feels kind of the same as with Feiht transporting them, or the Feiht powered glider, or any plan that relies on pixies actually

Alric says:

Pixie Plan Poo Pooed.

augustus63 says:

I wish i was a pixie

eekee says:


Kim says:

I felt that the mission impossible theme was playing as I read this. It's impossible for the pixies to focus on this mission without getting distracted by shines.

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

Pixies are just perfect for this sort of mission. If it's impossible they won't know it, so it'll be possible. Although they won't know that, so maybe it will be impossible. Now I've confused myself. Gonna lie down for a bit.

ShinRaiten says:

Hah, that last panel was awesome :D

Sabreur says:

Heh. Just follow the thunder!

Kim says:

Maybe if it is possible and they don't know it than it will be impossible, but of it is impossible and they don't know it then it will be possible. So basically if you tell the pixies it is possible then they swill think it is possible and therefore be possible , preventing it from bieng impossible. But with that logic then anything would be possible and then nothing would be impossible, then there wouldn't be such things as possibility or impossibility. Ulgfh. I think I need to rest for a bit as well.

A Guy Named Thor says:

I like the detail in the corner of the fifth panel.

ultrainventor says:

I just noticed that the detail sticking out of the fifth panel is lightning. i'm a little slow.

hkmaly says:

Kim: The only problem with the plan is that they probably forgot to report back. Otherwise, you only need three locations where it stopped working and you can say where Malvenicus is precisely.

craebild says:

hkmaly, that only works if he is staying in one place. If he is moving, then three simultaneous points would tell exactly where he was at that time, not where he was going to be lather - And they cannot get three simultaneous points, as there are only two pixies searching.

craebild says:

Oops, that should have been later, not lather. Unfortunately spell checking only checks if it is a correctly spelled word, not whether it is the intended word.

Kim says:

Maybe this isn't the actual plan, but a plan to get the pixies out of the way. I think that would be very possible.

AJ26 says:

there are cracks in the panel cased by the tunder. will the pixies get though!?!!?!

hkmaly says:

craebild: Are you sure they can't get three simultaneous points from two PIXIES? :-). Anyway, the idea is that pixies fly, while Malvenicus, even if moving, would be moving much slower.

craebild says:

hkmaly: Good point, a pixie can be in more than one place at a time if the pixie thinks to do it - Just don't tell a pixie that ! We don't want a pixie multiplying from 1 to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, ...
If they double every second, how many are there after one minute ? The answer is there are 1.15 times 10 to the 18th, which I think would magnitudes more than the mass of the planet.
And yes, a pixies should be able to fly faster than a man can walk, so an approximate position is a pretty useful result, too.

Bregenor says:

Best Comic EVER!
I love this comic...

P.S. to read this correctly rewatch the limousine scene in Incredibles and Dash's excitement

hkmaly says:

craebild: Feiht already multiplied herself at several occassions. She stopped every time.

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