Oh, great.
Chasing the Sunset
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Wisknort says:

What's Ayne's "Aha!" about? I don't remember her having a bet against Ja'el.

ShinRaiten says:

I wonder what Malvenicus (kr- naw, we got the point) was on trial for? Noise pollution? That'd be about right, I think :D

C-PM says:

@Wisknort: Found it! Comic #724. Ayne says "we're going to need disguises."
That'll be easier to spot for archive readers.

Kim says:

Yes, Feiht will go and get the disguises, but will she return with them?

Red Shadow says:

haha... soooo not surprised. Won't say I called it (I didn't), but "convict and escapee" totally fits with the hints we've had on his backstory.

Sabreur says:

Gotta love that pained expression in the last panel.

Matti says:

So Malvenicus KRA-KA-TOWWW had been arrested, sentenced to jail, broke out, and now he is going to break in for a change...

Pulsy says:

Ah so this council can't be that powerfull. If Malv here escaped it, it's not all-powerful.
I love his loony eyes by the way, but i have my doubts about the rigidity of that cane. Looks fragile!

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