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Chasing the Sunset
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Wisknort says:

That staff's a flute!

Alric says:

That staff belongs to Leaf now, to the winner the spoils!

C-PM says:

*gasp* Voldemort!

hkmaly says:

Looking at his staff, I think this wizard battled with pixies before ...

Kim says:

look, a floating lizard!

Golux says:

No wonder he arranged for the thunder clap, makes them remember to not say his name...

Neuefruhling says:

In the distance behind the speech bubble in panel 2, is that a failed experiment gone wrong or dinner cooking?

Lankhmar says:

He's not named because he's scary but because of the silly lightning! :D

Toma says:

Hey, hold on now. the top of that staff had a bag over it, didn't it? Why would they bother taking it off? It was the perfect disguise!

eekee says:

i lol'd at 'he who should not be named' :D

Toma says:

I scrolled back and it's been off for awhile. New question is why he didn't put the bag back on the staff by now.

Ford Prefect says:


Lee that's been writing for ages says:

Spot the Hitchhiker reference...

Raven says:

ok, ddin't the staff have an orange stone at the top? And also these spellcasters are poor excuses for the magic user community, "they" should be the ones on trial for "kidnapping"!!!!

Raven says:

^^that is kidnapping for elf standards

Reiline says:

Ah, that's why Myrhad is harder than usual to wake

ultrainventor says:

@Raven: Feiht stole the gem on the island with the green guys.

Osk says:

yeah, the balloon was there to stop feiht from noticing the glowing stone at the top, but since she stole it anyway, no more balloon needed. I laughed at the who must not be named thing. At least they have a good reason not to name him

Pulsy says:

He who should not be named, of course XD We all know why :D
Also - i love the design of staves in this comic!

Venalitor says:

Heh, just noticed that he said "should."

indrico says:

Mithrandir, depression is not weakness. It is a biochemical imbalance in the brain where your neurotransmitters don't do their job. Talk therapy helps but many sufferers need meds to make things right. This is no more a moral weakness than diabetes or low thyroid. I have had depression nearly 50 years and the last 15 have been the best with antidepressant meds. Hang in there, it gets better. Depression is like being in a well filled with gray Jello made with lead, not water, but treatment makes you more like yourself. My thoughts are with you.

Woulv says:

Take your time^^ we will be here waiting for you when you feel better! Thx to both of you for a wonderful comic ^^

Me says:

On top of all that the staff is useless because the power gem is gone. It's just a fancy walking stick now.

When will people learn that anger can be a useful emotion as long as you control it and just use it for energy. Only when you let anger fuel your hatred until they become rage and blind you is it bad.

Me says:

Depression, someone get me a Pinkie Pie cannon!

Ky says:

Love the staff part and thank you C-PM for giving me a laugh. Voldemort. Hilarious.

Woulv says:

Gratulerer med dagen! ^^

Alien says:

Takk, gratulerer til deg og!

ultrainventor says:

Tol tinvaak los vanmindoraan wah zu...

Dalfio The One Who Should Be Named says:

Random fact: Voldemort mean Flight Of Death in french. Also, i had some comment to comment but i forgot what it is. Fail.

Katkinkate says:

Hey Mithrandir. How are you going? Hope you're feeling better.

Bregenor says:

Do you have a printed version of any of this. I'd love to order it now I have money and give it to my friend. He likes to have a physical book when he reads

C-PM says:

Katkinkate says:

Dalfio, is it 'flight of death' or 'flight from death? I've read both.

venya says:

notice that none of the staffs have a "power rock" thing in them?

ultrainventor says:

... I think there might be some kind of thing going on? not related to the comic? That shouldn't be here? just sayin'...

ultrainventor says:

Never mind. It looks like it's been fixed.

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