Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

No nipples. Caused outrage on the forums.

Nova says:

Ayne looks more feminine here. The last frame with Leaf isn't bad either.

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Leaf is pretty feminine through the strips. I like the SORCERER'S TOWER...DUM DUM DE DUM!

Adae says:

leaf's face somehow looks more masculine in frame 2

bluV11t says:

It's becuse of a stronger jaw-line. Love the first and second frame!

VonTasha says:

Is it another squirrel under the bed ?

Icy says:

The squirrels are invading. CALL THE ARMY!

OneTimer says:

Ever hear of Butt-less Chaps? Those poor chaps can't sit down. What is the down side of Nipple-less elves?

Aerinelf says:

Ooh... I love the first frame too. The sunlight is awesome and Leaf looks cute stretching like a cat. ^_^

Bastet says:

I think that the squirrel is following them.

Ajemii says:

Ayne looks more feminine with her hair down.
i can actually tell Leafs a guy in the last panel!

*Skittles* says:

Do elves have bellybuttons?

*Skittles* says:

Ayne does look more like a girl in panel 4.

Lee says:

Panel 2 didn't give it away??

Lee says:

...I mean that he wasn't a girl. But you knew that.

Sil says:

Hey look, an elf with messy hair! ^^

Statri says:

I'm glad you added more detail in the background of the first two frames; it makes the scene seem more realistic. A great job on the artwork overall.

Alric says:

Going through the cast pages said that Sohac was in this strip. Missed him the 1st time around.

Moocow says:

I like the "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" in panel 5

Leinad says:

I kinda like Leaf's messy hair over his fixed hair. Makes him look manly.

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