Being One is Being None
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

See Leaf supporting himself on the air in frame 1? There's supposed to be a tree there. A very big one, still growing after the Lady's magic infused a certain bow with nature's growth.

Adae says:

Ooh I like frame 3

Hawkeye says:

Just curious, why's it not there?

the raven says:

is that how its told now is it all so old is it made of lemon juice doorknob ankle cold now my song is getting thin ive run out of luck i should retire now and become a duck.never-thats getting pretty boring.

Shadow Phoenix says:

*Groan* Not again...
I blame Mith for the missing tree. He should have colored it brown, but instead he colored it green. Bad Mith!
I like the butterfly. "No need to bother" - tee-hee. Please excuse my randomness

Unicorn says:

HAHA Ayne doesn't want
feiht back

Statri says:

Leaf's dialogue in kind of strange in the first frame. It seems inconsistent to me- giving her such a great title then asking her something so personal as wether she has seen his father.

hailstorm says:

why whould ranomnes ever need to be excused Shadow Phenix

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