CtS 3D Stereogram
Chasing the Sunset
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Lindale says:

XD Nice! I wonder how many people will try it...?

Fell says:

Spoiler, click to view
Can I guess "April Fool" before ruining my eyes? :P

Rantha says:

Um the only thing behind my monitor is fans and vents

Chariset says:

A pixie flew out and punched me in the nose!! $%#@! I almost had it, too.

Josh says:

All I can see is a lizard with a long tail ^_^;;

Adreanna says:

Wow, it's beautiful!
I won't ruin it for everyone else though.

X-Kal says:

Whoa! This isn't quite what I expected! Well, I guess it's nice to see what finally happened with Leaf's father, though I guess I was expecting to fin out much later on.

For everyone else, keep on looking - it's really worth it!

Black Mantha says:

Sorry, I know how stereograms work, and I can see that's not one.

Alric says:

So what do other people see? I see Leaf surrounded by orange flames with his hands out to the sides and wreaths of flame going up and out so it looks like a crown or a flower. Shouldn't the flames be red instead of orange or is this Leaf using magic and not the furies? :D

Alric says:

Oh, on the bottom right, slightly inset, is that a massive feiht / pixie?

Banarok says:

okey i see far too much in this picture, i see a skull with a uara of flames that is the pommel og a huge sword, and then i se a man in a cap.

Innisen says:

This would work so much better, if I didn't see my reflection every time I stare behind this picture... :D

Mpp says:

My poor eyes :P

duke says:

Well I only have one eye so I couldn't tell one way or another, but I'd still call april fools on this particular one.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I see...a bunch of yellow...ness.

snake_legs says:

i see blobs killing each other...

Tiber says:

Dang, none of those "magic eye" type things ever worked for me. Any chance of a regular version?

Eva says:

This isn't working...

Leinad says:

I see a giant sign reading "APRIL FOOLS!"

Rob in Japan says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can tell at a glance that this isn't a stereogram... Still, better than most things I've seen today. (^_^)

Vinom.Godking says:

I see a cake

Lairmaid says:

Well, I did spot a fury-face and some flames... the powers of imagination. ^_^

Katja says:

I think its an april fools trick. though i could be wrong as my screen doesnt show some pictures to well

Wildrunner says:

...I don't see anything...


um...I see a giant armadillo, but I really don't think that's what's really supposed to be there...

Lee says:

I could never get those silly things to work even before the woodpecker made off with my eye.

wierdo says:

nice try

cgull says:

don't see squat. bunch of blobs or indistinct blurry faces

MadMann135 says:

All I see are a bunch of ghosts... must be an April 1st thing.

FordPrefect says:

April fool! There's no way there's actually anything there

FordPrefect says:

I see my sunglasses reflected in the monitor

EcchiKitty says:

Never have been able to see those things.... ever. *sigh* Damn sailboat.

Skarl says:

Haha...remember the copyright lawer letter?

Foaly123 says:

I hate these things all they do is give me headaches but i think i saw a man with a sword and shield attacking something... and i hope to god for their sake that this isnt an april fools thing... some fans can get violent... NOT ME!!!!

Elkian says:

S-so...m-many EYES...s-so v-very c-c-cold....eyes...

NotFirst says:

I actually have a pair of glasses that resolve these things for people with only one eye... Yah, not much to see. Lame.

Tonic says:

Actually it is a real stereoram, of a yellow blob-mess. If you cross your eyes you'll see a 3D indecyphable image. It does work as a 3d Rorschach test, personally I see fallen fall leaves on the ground.

hkmaly says:

These aprils would be more funny if there will be "active" just for first april. I didn't see this on first april, I first saw it on second april. And I'm GMT+2 ...

Mithandir says:

Ahh, but hkmaly, the universe doesn't center on you :)
Server time is leading for these things and the server runs at GMT-7

But yeah for whomever didn't guess yet this was a (rather lame) april's fools, there's nothing to see here. I amde it rather obvious on purpose cause I didn't want to risk ruining anybody's eyes.

That said, I see a skull and some alien faces in there ... yay for pareidola (sp?)

hkmaly says:

Mithandir: Prove it. Universe is expanding from me, which can be easily verified by Doppler effect.

(While this is true for every point in universe, it doesn't make me any less center. You probably wanted to say universe doesn't _revolve_ around me, which is true.)

Anyway, I more supposed events to be GMT-based. Also, I though you are also Europeans ...

hkmaly says:

There should be :-) somewhere in my previous comment, but I'm not sure where ... you know, physics is funny if you look at it correctly.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

No! I missed the April Fool`s joke for about the third year in a row! (weeps)

Marc says:

Sorry, I'm usually pretty good at stereograms, but I just can't see this one. :-( darnit.

Marc says:

Is the joke that there's nothing actually there, and people just see what they want to see???

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