Dragon Tea Party - Cover
Chasing the Sunset
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IrishDrinker says:

Looks like I will be first Comment! Insomnia strikes, and now I get to see that everything is alright! Can't wait to see the short story, and your mini strips! So glad you guys are ok! While not knowing you personally, I was worried that something might have happened to you guys.. the world is a crazy place these days, and the last post was about you taking Rune to his first day of School. I am glad all is relativly well (Depression not withstanding), and hope things keep looking up :)

Timothy says:

Oh hey! Chasing the Sunset will restart in a couple months? And we get a cool dragon story until then? Nice.

hkmaly says:

I suppose we get two dragon stories, unless you wanted to say one of them wouldn't be cool.

Mithandir, I'm glad you are relatively ok and hope you will get completely ok.

Iceea says:

First day back at work after a 3 week vacation, going through my email, catching up with colleagues, but the best part is, Chasing the Sunset will be back. Somehow this gives me an incredible warm fuzzy feeling. I'm so glad to hear all of you are doing well. My best wishes for continuing good health.

Lee M (co-author of NSFW 'Nightshade the Merry Widow' by Ed Kline) says:

Nice cover art. Looking forward to the story.

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