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Created Wed 1 Mar 06 - 7:02 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset

Those who read the comic (which includes everybody who bothers reading this blog) have undoubtable noticed the recent invasion of Muse Readers. Hi Muse readers! Welcome!

A link to Chasing the Sunset was printed inside this magazine following a user-submitted url contest. It was reader Adae who submitted us, as admitted in this comment:

Looks like everyone is talking about me though they don't know it... ^_^ I was the one who put the link on Muse's fan page (Not the official site.) I was also the one who sent the link in to the magazine for that contest. I have been subscribing to Muse for over 5 years. I heard about CtS from a friend on her message board. Mith actually found that message board though now I don't go there that often though I do talk to my friend over IM and things. I'm glad that all of you who saw the link in Muse seem to be enjoying the comic! I meant to tell Alien and Mithrandir that I had put that link in earlier but I think that was when the comments weren't working and then I forgot. Sorry

Unbeknownst to Adae, I tracked down the muse fan page too, quite a while ago, after seeing some people come from there. Those muse readers who are looking for like minds, can probably find them there.

I'm wondering now though ... what exactly is Muse?


The PenwormMuse is a magazine mostly devoted to science and stuff like that. I've only subscribed for about a year, but in my opinion, Muse is absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt-ly* the greatest mag in the world!

*Not sure if that's a word, but who really cares?
The PenwormCan anybody tell that I really like Muse?
anonomous muse readerWe are not an invation!

we just like to take over random web sites
EbethMuse is a mag, like penworm said. Basically we read lots of useless knowledge that makes us sound smart and then go throw pies in peoples faces. And think up plans to take over the world. i've been getting it for 4 yrs-it's amazing. amazing amazing amazingamazingamazing. Go muse!!! lol
AnyaStyrzodYeah, Muse is the most awesome mag around! It is filled with really interesting albeit seemingly useless info about...well...anything! And it really only seems useless until someone mentions it the day after the new issue's psychic!!
Bobi love muse and you should too

if you don't like muse you stink like ___!

fyi, a muse is a greek philosphers invention (i don't know who). there are originally 7 muses, 1 for each thing (?) such as science and astrlogy, and happiness and other random stuff. they were there to inspire the philosiphers and give them good ideas. so therefore when you muse about something you are thinking about it or for ideas about it or inspirations about it!
Adae^_^ talking about me behind my back again are we? Just teasing^_^

Wait, you can tell what site people come from? I did give the fan page a link to this site long before I sent the URL in to that contest. That is probably why people came in from there.

Muse itself is a arts/history/science magazine that is supposed to be for age 9 up. It is really interesting and fun to read. If you know any people from age 9-14 or so that are interested in knowing things, you might want to get them a subscription. It is not only for people that age. I have been subscribing for 7 years now and though I continue to grow out of that age range that I gave you, I still love Muse and plan to contiune subscribing for years to come.
I am so glad I subsribe to muse, otherwise I wouldn't have found this site (which I abseloutly love). Here's a big round of applause *clap clap clap clap clap clap* for Adae for putting this site in muse.
EbethErm..bob...there were 9 greek muses too.
BastetRound of applause to Adae!!!! (Even though I didn't find the link in the Muse magazine because I forgot to read the contest page and a friend told me..)
BobSorry bout the blank. Sorry about the Muses especially. I was misinformed and have sent in a complaint to the faulty source.
Yay Muse! That's how I found this site.

It's a fun mag. Published by the same people who do Cricket, Cicada, Dig, Faces, etc. (Carus Publishing) It's fun. You should read it.

btw (this is sorta random) They have a book of their comic-- it's pretty good. Attack of the Smart Pies if you want to read it, and the comic is Kokopelli and Company.
merlinangelthat last post was me... sorry-- I forgot to fill in my name

Ajemiiyep i came from Muse too. its the best!

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