Myhrad the drageling

When Leaf first ran away to look for his father, he found Myhrad. When the hunters found him, the boy would not leave the drageling. Ever since they have been together as friends.
Myhrad is about the same age as Leaf and has lost his parents too. Unlike Leaf however, he has no idea what happened to them.

Dragons are related to cats, and this is very obvious in Myhrad's combination of playful curiosity and sleepy laziness. When in his bouncy mood, he gets distracted easily (especially by his favourite animals: butterflies) the rest of the time he is usually looking for a good spot to nap. Unlike cats and most dragons however, Myhrad doesn't much like climbing trees.
Good-humoured, Myhrad acts as both a younger and an older brother for Leaf (or sister, his gender has not yet been established. If dragons even have genders, nobody has ever dared asking an adult one).

Though he is not actively searching for them, Myhrad hopes that one day he'll find his parents.


Pom RaniaHe's so cute....
...He seems to act a little less like the other dragons...

:) has to be a boy then!
...but you forgot E.T. that in the parenthisis is says or sister.
Draco DarastrixDraco loves this character. However you never explained in your comics how he became a vegeterian while you showed in you comics that he used to eat meat. He acts kinda coward like if you ask me. But maybe that is only because he/she is still a child. Or maybe he still has to get a chance to prove himself yet. His fears are kinda ammusing and Draco can't actually wait to see if he finaly can overcome at least one of them.
HamstersEverywhereDragons. Cats. Somehow I never associated the two. On reflection, though, I think I can see where that came from.
hkmalyFrom the previous version of cast page, taken from wayback machine (see comment link):

Myhrad Fact Sheet

Species: Draconis Discoloridus - The Silly Dragon
Age: Unknown, presumed around 150
Gender: Unknown, presumed male
Size: 90 cm from ground to the tip of his wings, 270 cm from the tip of his snout to the end of his tail.
Hobbies: Playing with a ball, chasing butterflies (he dislikes archery for some reason)
d&d stats: Str 15 - Dex 10 - Con 15 - Int 12 - Wis 11 - Cha 12
d&d skills: Hide 2 - Intuit Direction -3 - Jump 5 - Listen 2 - Spot 4 - Swim 4

(Note: might not be valid anymore, but at least the age is - as seen in Comic #158 ... )

Wait. The skill should mean he swim well, doesn't it ? In Comic #561 Leaf is not thinking so ...
hkmalyAlso note that in Comic #561 we see him fly and in comic #391 breathing ... eh coughting fire.

Are these cast pages ever updated ?
Oskhis favorite meal is butterfly? that might be dangerous for pixies, they can be hard to tell apart
hkmalyOsk: Not favourite meal. Favourite distraction.
spark ozzythat dragon is so nice
SenelA dragons gender is decided by the dragon on her/his coming of age.
Ultrainventorthis left out that he is a vegetarian. very strange for a normally carnivorous animal, as in real life, vegetation causes carnivores to get sick.
dzzzzzzzzzzz :)
NN1The diet of powerful magical creatures might be more flexible than the average predatory animal. Also, if dragons eat armor-clad adventurers whole, then they would need a stronger digestive system anyway (and might still cough up the metal bits and gems.

As for how he became a vegetarian, that might have been an intentional strategy by the elves. If you were an elf raising a dragon, wouldn't you want to try to teach it the merits of a vegetarian diet before it got to wondering what elf tastes like?
AriochThe image at the top of this page appears to be a broken link.


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