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Bit late

Created Sun 27 Mar 16 - 13:00 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Siri got a bit ill, and with Easter and clocks changing and stuff we have a slight delay. Comic will be up tuesday 7 AM GMT/UCT (so 9 AM Europe time). Sorry about this, we're still getting used to a new process of making the comic, which is making everything be a lot more work for now.


IrishDrinkerAllot of us have waited two years. I am pretty sure we can wait a few days :P Just take care of yourselves, and don't stress out :) We care about your wellbeing, so relax, enjoy the holidays, and get back into the swing of things on your own time :) Most of us I think will still be here.
RocksMapsandCraftsDitto what IrishDrinker said. We're still here, we can wait. Take care of yourselves first. :)