Moonlit Pixie

He's been flying now for days
On golden wings of twilight
Evading the moony rays
Ever shirking from the fight

Dodging raindrops as he goes
Hunted by what they reflect
Moonbeams are his deadly foes
Mercy he can not expect

Every month he is bound
A curse, so it is written
Following him all around
Ever since he was bitten

Lightning flashes and he's blind
Cannot see whereto he flies
Panic spreading through his mind
"Someone help me please" he cries

Caught in sticky spider webs
He is lost, he can't escape
Slowly remaining hope ebbs
As his toes start changing shape

Where fingers were are now claws
Wings are gone and hair has grown
Many teeth in clenched maws
And thoughts that are not his own

All in the forest cower
Terrified to be smitten
By the beast on the flower
The cute pixie were-kitten


MithandirUrgh, I'm no good with rhymes .... Definately not my best work, but then, what is. Still, I sort of like this one. It's more lighthearted than most of my stuff.
lnp4668Very dark.
Ryinnenice, strange but nice
FireBallNicely done. Last line of each stanza seems to go off a bit sylable-wise. But very nice nonetheless
eekeeteehee! I'm not exactly into poetry so I can't really tell whether the rhythm (or whatever) is right or wrong, but I love this! Pixie were-kitten... XD
FaticiaI just like were-kittens. Nice
DaisyI loved it personally, I rp a pixie and I think I might sing this often!
bookbookwhen i read the first verses i was like, "what a smearing of the bright innocence of pixiness!" but then i read the last line and i was like "ha."
hailstormReally good


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