Storyline 68: The Void

A world that is not

Locked in the void
Void: nothing in it
Pillage rights
Search and Rescute
The Exorcists
Difficult Questions
Quick Explanation
No hurt, no pain!
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Exit Strategy
He wants to break free
Bedtime Story
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(These are comments on the entire storyline)

espademiathey fit well together
EmBackgrounds must have been easy during this storyline. XD
OzmandiousNoo!! Don't tell me I've reached the end of the archives! This comic rocks!
Lady RhiannonOh lovely! I spent the last couple of days reading the entire story. I just love this and I swear those pixies remind me of my sister and her friends. Always running off to find the shiny. Hehe Anyway I LOVE this!


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Chasing the Sunset
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