The World That Is

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ParseTag('a',' href=""','Dark Dragon',true, 'world')Cool... ^-^
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Dark Dragon',true, 'world')Whoa! I just tried turning everything off!!! Very nifty!!!
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Awesome',true, 'world')Cool!
ParseTag('a',' href=""','*Skittles*',true, 'world')Wow. Just... wow.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','veralidaine',true, 'world')I tried turning everything off, too, and it looked very.... cold. Brrr..
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Skreyola',true, 'world')Awesome. :)
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Black *Magic* Girl',true, 'world')Thanx! ;
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Adi Sagestar',true, 'world')'Tis most cool.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Blackbird',true, 'world')Wow. Cool.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','BurnedMuffins',true, 'world')Whenever my mouse touches it, it turns all white.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','lylia123',true, 'world')woa.....
ParseTag('a',' href=""','BurnedMuffins',true, 'world')It is indeed cool.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','no one',true, 'world')UPDATE
ParseTag('a',' href=""','hkmaly',true, 'world')Yes, it is definitely time for update :-)


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