"Standard" 4:3 Aspect Ratio

image/jpeg 1024 x 768
image/jpeg 1280 x 960
image/jpeg 1600 x 1200

5:4 Aspect Ratio

image/jpeg 1280 x 1024

"Widescreen" 16:10 Aspect Ratio

image/jpeg 1280 x 800
image/jpeg 1680 x 1050


ParseTag('a',' href=""','cat',true, 'wp-500')beautiful! lovely work and i love the dragons peeking over the wall
ParseTag('a',' href="http://hkmaly.matfyz.cz"','hkmaly',true, 'wp-500')Fantastic, but ... the 4:3 ratio are pointing to hells pixies.
ParseTag('a',' href="http://www.fantasycomic.com"','Mithandir',true, 'wp-500')You're right, they were. I've fixed it now. Thanks.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Annika',true, 'wp-500')Haha, I hope Apix isn't trying to steal an Amazon egg!
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Fifi the Wonder Poodle',true, 'wp-500')I love the Hell's Pixies in there.


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