The Amazons

Often given less flattering names by others, these blue-hued women-warriors have gained a reputation for violence that is, on the whole, not undeserved. Fiercely individualistic, they will frequently argue their points with all means at their disposal and being warriors, they ahve a great deal of weaponry and unarmed combat skill at their disposal. Still, their internal squabling is rarely fatal.

In a way it is their individualism that made them what they are. Several generations ago, during one of many wars in their homeland the amazons foremothers had had enough of being victims and decided that if any progress was to be made in the fighting, it was up to them to provide it. They formed their own batallion to fight side by side with their men. The male soldiers did not, however, apreciate this and when the women proved succesful in their endeavor, it grew hatred and dissent amongst the men.

The first female betallion was given more and more dangerous assignments, but this only aided in building their skill. The women, having received no formal war training, were quicker to adapt than their male counterpoints and with every mission their abilities grew. Eventually, in a fit of jealousy, the men betrayed the ffb to their enemies, and the women were captured.

Despite having fought the women before, their captors still underestimated the women, and they escaped (the women, that is, not the captors). When they returned home, however, their own men accused them of treason and locked them up. After a trial in which the women were denied defence, they were found guilty and exiled.

Banished from their homes, the women warriors sought refuge in other lands, but no-one wanted to risk giving them asylum and thus they swerved the land sfor many years until they encountered a powerful fey who took pity on them. This fey, who remains unknown, asked for their allegiance and return used its magic to change them into half-fey. The women's skin turned blue and their physiology changed so that they could procreate by laying egs that were then hatched by moonlight (the exact method is unknown as every time a scientist tried to find out, there has always beena second scientist needed to put the first scientist back together, after which process the first scientist generally still proved unresponsive). At this point the women took on the name Amazons and vowed nevermore to return to their birthlands. Still not welcome anywhere, they heard about the land called "no man's land" and made their home there.

Eventually (after several bloody wars with various armies seeking to overthrow them) things settled down a bit for the amazons and now they are rarely disturbed, protected by their own reputation.


dragonqueencrI'm blue daba dee daba di...
TelcontarJackOch, the wee laddies didna ken wha' they were up against. (FYI, it's Talk like a Scotsman Day. i just decided. XD)
HamstersEverywhereOne problem. Well, actually, two problems. First of all, most medieval non-mercenary, non-elite (be the elite by birth or by quality) received little "formal military training" other than keep pointy end away from self. Second, training in military matters tends to make it EASIER, not harder, to adapt to different situations than one is accustomed to.
Goldenear777 not if you've been trained not to do anything without a superior's order, that would make some things harder.
SquirtNote: I'm not sure when this was last updated, but we now know the fey who turned the Amazons into half fey. It appears again in Chapter 15, Comic #495 and we learn its history beginning Comic #511.


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