Pixies are one of the best known types of Fey and by and far considered the most annoying. They are well known pranksters and habitual thieves and for these reasons frequently shunned by civilised society (a rather counter-effective move because Pixies react to being ignored in much the same way as your average 4-year old human).


Pixie shapes vary wildly, but are all based around a basic theme: a humanoidish body with wings. Normally they measure about ten to twenty centimetres standing up. Using their magic, however, they can take on nearly any shape they can imagine, at nearly any size (the biggest recorded is the pixie Knarps, who temporarily took on the shape of an ocean, drowning two continents (there were no casualties)). Despite this, an individual Pixie's shape is surprisingly consistent. This is thought to be a product of its attention-seeking behaviour: to become notorious one has to be recognisable.

Although they strongly resemble the more docile Faeries, Pixies are not closely related to them. It is believed that Pixies purposefully mimic the Faeries general shape in order to make people believe there is nothing to fear, much like corral snakes do. Because of their extrovert personalities and the shyness of Faeries, however, the opposite has happened and now Faeries are usually mistaken for Pixies.

Outlook and Behaviour

Unusual for Fey, pixies spend nearly all their time “manifested” in some world or other. In fact they even use their assumed forms within the void. Presumably they have heard the phrase "being one with the universe" and got distracted in mid-sentence. Amongst the Fey, pixies are by far the most individualistic.

Pixies were born of Chaos and it is this chaos that even today drives them (to no purpose whatsoever). They are very hard to distract in much the same way that the sea is hard to get wet. Partly because of this, Pixies are fiercely optimistic, as they are not bogged down by past experience (due to forgetting) and worrying about something would require thinking about consequences, or in fact knowing about them.

Contrary to popular believe a Pixie will not act as if any moment could be its last, instead they act in the security of knowing that no matter what they do, there will be another moment (they have been known to fail to appreciate this is not the case for others. There is a theory which states that Pixies are a form of natural selection for universes, and that the one we live in is the way it is only because it's the first one that didn't get destroyed by Pixies (yet)).

It is well known that Pixies are kleptomaniacs, although most of them do not consider themselves to be thieves. They just have a rather fragile grasp on the concept of ownership and a great desire to be close to things they like (generally shinies).

Likewise they are pranksters because they want the world to laugh (the concept of anybody not enjoying their pranks cannot penetrate the Pixie mind).

Magical and other powers

Despite their diminutive size, Pixies pack a surprising amount of magic. While they do not have the raw magic power of dragons and the higher Fey, they can access it much faster (a necessity given their attention time spans) and have a great deal of control over it as long as they focus. It is said a Pixie can do pretty much anything it can imagine and within certain limits this is true. One of these limits is that the most powerful magic simply does not come fast enough and the Pixies generally get bored.

Nearly anything a Pixie does is magical in some way.


Pixies are allergic to boredom to the point that it is one of the very few ways of destroying them. Another weakness is anti-magic, which will evaporate them.

Other than these two there are no known ways of killing or even physically hurting a Pixie.

Luckily Pixies have a number of mental weaknesses:


Though they are incredibly hard to count, a global population of less than one thousand individuals is usually presumed. Pixies are generally an urban species, though they don't build any cities (or even houses) of themselves (or rather they build them but don't live in them) instead they parasitize other civilisations.

Being largely immortal, the Pixie population shows little fluctuation. On the whole Pixies don't die or breed. Occasionally a new Pixie is born when the concentration of magic and chaos in an area grows too high and it condenses into a sentient form. However most pixies living today were created when the Ur-pixie blew itself up.


the ravenweeeeeeee!this is my third first comment!do you follow me?
EbethI follow. Rhyme isn't a pixie. Oh well.

Anti-magic? How does that work?
*Skittles*Rhyme involves pixies. I think.

I don't understand anti-magic either.
Dark FlameTheir life-blood is magic (they are fey after all), so anti-magic basically saps their "blood" out and they evaporate.

Rhyme healed a pixie in the story with his magic.
shineeeeeyyyyyyi am a pixie i love being a pixie i absolutly love it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lone StarI like chaos. And magic. And *drools* shinies. And I LOVE chocolate cake!!!
Lone StarI feel sorry for teh Ur-Pixie, although it apparently reincarnated in the Place of Eternal Chaos. (See Chronicles of the Seven Minute War)
UnigirlDon't let Ayne read the section about pixies' weaknesses..
dragonqueencrQuestion: if a shiney is shiney but no one can see it does it still attract pixies?

Answer: Yes. pixies can see the natural shiney potentiality (P) and can use their percent pixie intuition (I) divided by the number of shineys (lets call it X) and increased by the number of intectections the shiney potentiality intercepts (i) subtract the expotential amount of other pixie energy after the shiney (E) and subtract the amount of distractions and chocolate cake divided by shineys (S) and you have PIXiES!
halfdragon_magepixies are definetly confusing
friend 2 fairieswe are about to battle pixies can u give us some good advice
friends 2 fairieshow do u use anti magic
HalfcatThis is my thought on what anti magic is. Tell what you think of it. What you do is take magic. You then take the properties of what makes magic "magic" and change them in to the counter opposite of the magic properties. You should then have anti magic the complete oppostie of magic. You would then take the anti magic and use it on the pixies thus destroying them. But making anti magic is bound to have a few more concequenses (sp?) then just destroying a few pixies i would think.
PixieQueen"...who temporarily took on the shape of an ocean, drowning two continents. There were no casualties."
cookiegirlwell, it may be like it is with matter and antimatter, when a magic "particle" is "created" from the total energy of the universe, so is an antimagic particle, when the antimagic and magic particles collide they will anihilate, forming a photon, much like an electron and a positron will
i should think the fairy would disappear in a flash of light or something of the sort
lIf the shape of the ocean was only temporary, then they may have changed back before anybody (or anything) was killed. The amount of water in an ocean would be enough to drown a LOT of area for a few seconds until the water level evened out.

TelcontarJackAye, that be true l. Plus, 'twas only the shape o' the ocean, so it wasn't really water...
TomaO2-Pixies are cool, they should be a bigger part of the background. How about something like, when the world was new, pixies where everywhere and because they are as indestructible as they are interfering, they kept the planet from developing anything. Civilization only began after a magic device was made that captured most of them. Then there was created a select group of people to hunt the remaining Pixies and guard the prison.
-A cool storyline could develop from this. Something like... */*"Release Feiht!"/"I couldn't if I wanted to. Why do you want her released anyway?"/"Um..."/"She's our friend we will not allow you lock her away forever in your prison"/"It's already done. This construct was formed countless millennia ago and only the most elemental and primordial form of magic could unlock it."/"Magic such as the furies?"/"Exactly! However, anyone possessed by the furies would never able to control their magic though the... What are you doing? NO! You have the power of the Furies? How? NO! Stop! What are you doing? Do you have any idea what you doing? No, NO, NOOOOO!!!!"/"Woa, hi guys. Where was I a minute ago? I felt... Strange."/"No. You fools. you have unleashed Armageddon on the planet."/"What are you talking about? Hey look, another pixie. Another one. Wait. How many Pixies are trapped in this thing?"/"..."/"Over ten million. The planet is doomed. DOOMED!" Begins to weep in dispair.
-Feel free to tell me how wonderful my idea is and to use it in your story. :)
...If a active granade (probably spelt wrong) was shiny, would a pixie chase it? lol. SHINY! XD boom. LOL first I find that some of the dragons have random imploding moments and then find that pixie came from a super uber pixie that went and blew itself up... nice :)
Oskif Knarp only took the form of an ocean for as long as he didnt get distracted by the sun glittering on the waves, he probably "drowned" a continent for about 3 seconds
Osknow I want to know about the Ur-pixie, and why it blew up


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