First Chasing the Sunset design

Wow .... I recently recovered an old hard drive and found this .... It\'s the original concept of a page layout for what would eventually become chasing the sunset. We were going to call it Lore of Daybreak then, and at this point all we had was the bl

Added 1969-12-31


MithandirBah, description too long :P \"... and at this point all we had was the blue drageling pic of alien (Myhrad now). This was made just after I suggested to Alien that the dragon he drew would make a good character for a comic. This was several years before we actually started the comic. It is labeled tuesday 5th of december, 2000.
dragonqueencrwhoot first comment I am glad you changed the layout
NarissonaLookie! its a Myhrad sibling! YEY!!
BobI like the current Myhrad much better.
LeeYay. I got the 300th view.
...I like this myhrad more


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Chasing the Sunset
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