Dragon Huggles

Thamwlad hugging a dragon painted by pixies

Added 1969-12-31


AjhoweyneThat is really cute! I love the colors on the dragon. If I ever got painted by pixies, I'd wanna look like that (without the whole being a dragon thing....) :-D
EikanIT'S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
celiackidwhatever you do... dont ever show this to neondragon because she will call it copyright infringement ; )
So cute, with baby-dragon wings and all!!
LeeHeh... was that "painted by pixies" or "painted by pixels"?! Whatever, he's cute.

PS The little banner beneath the title says "This image has been viewed 1 times." Can't believe that, there must be a software glitch.
artic_dragonomg! this is sooo adorable! ^^
Ryujinits great & all & no offense but it almost looks like the dragons tasteing the elf...
AerinelfAww.... It's so cute!
FantasyfanaticLucky elf..*murmurs somethingunder breath*

Well, anyaway it's so colourful. I like it!
*Skittles*love the colors!
AerinelfHe's so cute!
midnightwolfthe dragon is so cute!
MoiSo cute! (And the colors are fabulous!)
Ultrainventorit hasn't been said enough. that is cute.


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